Date: 18th September 2009 at 8:37am
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First it was van Persie. Then Wenger chipped in amongst the hacks hysteria. Now more Arsenal personnel choose to focus on Emmanuel Adebayor rather than their football season…

It’s getting sillier now. Arsenal will not let it lie. Clearly Adebayor’s immediate 3 game FA ban for violent conduct was not enough and the campaign has started to maintain focus on events during City’s 4-2 victory last weekend in the hope of the player receiving an increased ban, even with an improper conduct charge pending.

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas alledges he himself was stamped on by the four goals in four starts City striker:

‘I think this is a red card here. I was lucky my foot was in the air when it happened. You know this is football and it can happen…what he did was no good for football. I am very disappointed about it, very disappointed.’

Next up, Emmanuel Eboué, himself roundly booed at the Emirates Stadium last season:

‘For me, Adebayor, he didn’t do well and that is no good for football because you have a lot of young people who watch the game and then, they see that. But I am happy that the FA gave him a three-game ban, I am very, very happy about that.’

There’s more. Alex Song goes after Adebayor and City skipper Kolo Toure and claims that he was er, slapped:

‘I think that Kolo is talking bull***t. He’s talking nonsense. Ade was a ‘big brother’ in London, I was almost living at his place, and he at mine. Once he went to City, it’s true that our relationship was not what it had been before. I called him two or three times, and he didn’t call me back.

Referring to Toure’s assertion that Arsenal players refused to shake Adebayor’s hand in the players tunnel he said:

‘I’m not going to have a laugh with him when I see him in the tunnel. Afterwards, on the pitch, he started to kick. He kicked everyone. That’s not normal! He was aggressive. There was a free-kick in their favour and he slapped me. Coming from him – I couldn’t believe it. Nobody doubts what Ade and Kolo have done for Arsenal. To say that the Gunners were not grateful to them, that’s rubbish…their reaction is abnormal. Kolo always was a leader on the pitch. He was always pushing us, all the time. I saw Adebayor at the end of the game and I talked to him. Calmly. The best answer for him would’ve been to do nothing.

Intent on maintaining the pressure on the goal celebration, Song continued:

‘It’d have been more beautiful if he hadn’t expressed his joy at scoring that way. I told him it was a really silly thing to do, really stupid. Yes, he disappointed me because the person I knew was not the person I met again that day.’

It’s relentless.


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