Date: 25th February 2009 at 12:47pm
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Vital Manchester City regular, mcfcirish sent us his opinion regarding the media’s stance on City.

Speaking as a lifelong Manchester City fan, I like many other Blues have had to put up with an awful lot of stick, especially as I live in Ireland.

Similar to many countries around the globe, we Blues in Ireland have to suffer the constant humiliating taunts from so-called United supporters but hey, I can live with that. It’s the norm isn’t it? However, what really rattles my cage is the role the media have in today’s society.

Un-biased View

Now, as far as I know, the media / broadcasters are supposed to report on stories and events with an un-biased view. The footballing world is well aware that our beloved City has become the richest club in the world, (if you didn’t you obviously haven’t been watching a certain sports news channel, reading various newspapers, or perhaps you’re just not this planet).

I have no problem with constructive criticism nevertheless; some of the ‘views’ that have been expressed towards the Eastlands club of late have in all honesty, been shocking.

What bugs me?

The hacks write headlines the likes of, ‘we have destroyed football’ we ‘put prices on the value of players’ we are ‘trying to re-write the history we never had’ – the list goes on.

What really bugs me is that such projects as ‘City in the Community’, which of course is of great use combining both education and football to help those who are less fortunate is hardly ever reported.


We also received very little media coverage in 2003 when we became the first club to openly support a ‘gay policy’ and that accepting supporters and players of all sexual orientation are welcome. Topics such as; ‘Race and Diversity’ filling the back pages, well there is enough material there to just about fill the back of a stamp.

Summing up

We all have our views and of course, we all support the club that we love. We just ask that peoples agendas (if and when they exist) are left out of the fold and let us all enjoy football the way it’s meant to be.

Many thanks go out to mcfcirish.