Date: 9th October 2018 at 3:47pm
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Reports are coming in that 2 coaches carrying City fans away from Shamfield were once again bottled by the wonderful supporters of FC Coachbusters of Scouseland. This has given the faceless gnomes of Merseyside Police a fantastic opportunity to right the wrongs of City’s last visit to the wonderful City at the wrong end of the East Lancs Road.

No doubt, once again the justice will be blind and just as the coaches were bottled, the cops will bottle out of taking any action.

The link is from the Manchester Evening News!

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The Pedmachine’s opinion on this issue is well documented and has even caused division in his own household. The fact that the local keystone cops couldn’t locate the original perpetrators when the team bus was severely damaged to the tune of £23000 is pretty much unforgivable and an insult to policing in general. When a private company can enhance the images to the extent that they could just about identify the villains themselves, quite why the chicken cops of Merseyside should shut their files is a mystery.

It is for certain that this latest issue will join the first one under the carpets of Police HQ.

Wasn’t it incredible that the Roman Police Officers could quickly locate the bad man who was responsible for putting a Liverpool fan in hospital, and I have full sympathy with the victim and his family, but they can’t identify their own? I suspect they do know who did the deeds but are keeping their noses to the ground.

Imagine the damage these despicable would have done had the penalty gone in and all with no fear.

It is a privilege to be a Manchester City fan in the knowledge that we are true fans and random violence of this nature simply doesn’t cross our minds

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