Date: 8th April 2018 at 1:02pm
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This is for all the Newbie City fans.

This is your week. Let me explain.

I first watched the Blues, perched on top of an iron crush barrier in the Platt Lane end supported by my dad, then in early teenage years progressed to the delights of the famous Kippax, managing to harness the joys of swaying back and forth in the ever moving waves of human mass.

Not for us a Spion Kop or dare I say a Stretford end but a complete side of the ground to witness the joys and sadness that our heroes would bestow on us.

Later years saw me transfer to the new North stand as season ticket holder and in more mature and prosperous years, into the main stand.

Those decades were to be called “character building” according to my dad. How right he was.

You Newbies will never understand fully the meanings of small talk when we mention York City. Never understand why, at half time, chasing promotion and 3 nil up, decided to pass round an enlarged beach ball in celebration, only to watch the tide of expectation deflate our joy (as well as the beach ball) when we failed to hold onto that lead.

Character building

You’ll never understand the eulogising of Colin Bell, when you log into YouTube and wonder why there is only ten minutes or so of the man we called Nijinsky (and not even a wonder goal to watch).

You Newbies with your KDB shirts can only guess at some of the weird chants such as “We’re not really here” or “where were you when we was…!”

This is why you need this particular week. You can all join in with the songs but fail to feel the depth of emotion that has nurtured thousands of torn souls.

So, in say, the next ten years, when City have probably won the Champions league a couple of times as well as all other trophies, you can stand proud, knowing you’ve earned the right to be there. You can remember this week as a true learning curve which City provide free of charge.

In those future years you can lift your sky blue scarf high and sing to all and sundry “We never win at home and we never win away” knowing full well you’ve earned the right.

That’s why you Newbies need this week.

As my dad said…”Character building son!”

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  • Completely in tune Rossi, great article.I first saw the blues as a Moss Side local kid in the days when they let us in free at 3/4time ..Les McDowell was boss then.. (no ageist p..s taking remarks please) So I ain,t nEwbie That is why I said at half time “we need another goal” …that tells everything . ,how did I know ?..because I am a prenewbie’..but still love em,

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