Date: 14th November 2018 at 1:33pm
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You can tell it’s a no-news week as our fantastic Premier League calendar is once again interrupted by internationals, and we all sit chewing our nails in the hope that none of our esteemed quality footballers returnĀ home lame.

I caught a conversation on TalkRubbish this morning where Paul Stretford, the agent of Wayne Rooney, told us that the FA had agreed to send coaches to US of A to help England’s golden son gain his coaching badges.

There was no mention as to whether the said ex-FC United of Stretford player was contributing to this himself, so one suspects that the FA are coughing up and several people involved at St George’s Park are off to the States on several jollies!

Is this the same FA that says that Clubs like City, buying-in talent from overseas are having a negative effect on Grass Roots Football in England, which in itself is crazy when you see the input made by the City Football Group? Is this the same FA that starves Grass Roots Football from the type of essential funding it needs to survive and improve?

Outside agencies like the Football Safety Officers Association have tried over many years to induce the FA to help fund these important areas because playing surfaces for juniors on council-owned fields are justĀ as important, in their view, as those we see at the Etihad and elsewhere, but the FA shakes hands and shakes its head at the same time. There is very little active consideration for this and I get the impression that it is one of the things that the football authorities like to pay lip-service to but do nothing about.

Maybe the Pedmachine is simply getting even more cynical, but what I said above it not only his opinion.

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