Date: 21st March 2009 at 8:08pm
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I have decided to launch a brand new Manchester City fans blog with radio and video content, plus lots more.

Click here and visit my new site.

If you look down the right hand side, you will see that I have two RSS feeds. One is to the main Vital Network, via NewsNow and the other is pointed directly towards Vital Manchester City. I have added links as well.


I couldn’t help it. There is a new City site on the verge of launching, which, if you read their comments, they hope to bring a whole new dimension to football websites. They promise to move the earth with live video streaming (City games) plus, and if I understand them correctly, they hope to change the face of Manchester City internet sites, for good.


I am and will remain editor of Vital Manchester City, however I am contracted by a set of stringent rules, and quite rightly so. Nevertheless, with my knowledge of the art of publishing City related material, I intend to push the rules, boundaries, (call them whatever you will), to their absolute limit. Here on Vital I cannot do that without getting the boot or a severe reprimand.


My blog is intended to run side-by-side and is not, and will not be in competition with Vital MC. I have worked too darn hard to let this site go, however I have set myself a challenge and that is, to prove to myself that…

1) I can run two sites.
2) No other City site will ever come close to what I intend to do.


My co-editors and I will continue to run Vital Man City as we always have. Over the last few days, I have experimented with Cover It Live and now I’ve joined Twitter. Why, because I want to highlight Vital and our members. Without every single one of you, we would be nothing. However, I need to spread the gospel as far and wide as humanly possible. Vital MC is moving in the right direction, and by using other platforms my main aim is to take us to the next level.

Existing sites

They are fine and dandy, but we need to begin to step on their toes. By the very definition, members to their respective sites remain loyal, but with the odd prod here and there, their allegiances can and will change. I aim to challenge the set of rules and make us the biggest and best City site out there.

What now

May I ask that you register on my blog? It doesn’t cost anything and you never know, you could be part of something new.

We are City, we are Vital Manchester City