Date: 3rd September 2016 at 9:21am
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The Premier League is often billed, at least in the UK, as the greatest football league in the world. While it certainly is the richest, the quality in recent years has been questioned by some as the top players are increasingly drawn to the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

As the clubs continue to haul in the cash derived from increasingly lucrative TV rights deals and high profile player sales to foreign clubs, the fans are each year asked to dig that little bit deeper to watch their teams in action on the pitch. While some clubs have implemented ticket price freezes to appease the growing discontent voiced by fan groups, the financial demand for what is traditionally a working persons sport, remains high.

For the truly committed fans lucky enough to get a season ticket, the chart below shows how these prices compare to other clubs around Europe. In this ‘top ten’, seven are Premier League clubs with the priciest ticket to be found in North London at Arsenal.
Infographic: Premier League: home to the priciest season tickets | Statista
Arsene Wenger

We all know the Arsenal boss hates to spend money and so why are their season tickets so expensive, compared to say, Manchester City?

The following short clips may bring a wry smile to one or two faces.

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