Date: 10th July 2009 at 9:24am
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Well, it was alright when Liverpool were splashing the cash wasn’t it? Sadly, Rafa Benitez has joined the ranks of the City bashers…

I always quite liked Benitez. I liked the way he went about his business. Team focused and having it with Taggart on a regular basis. But his recent Anti-City outbursts have seen him self portrayed as yet another begrudging, frustrated, gargantuan in-debted top flight management soul…

We all know who Liverpool’s top buys have been in recent years and who they have had to pay massive wages to. Torres for one has been exceptional, a terrific player, but Liverpool had to spend and pay big to get him on board. For as far as any Blue can remember, that’s the sort of signing we have previously only been able to dream of.

Yet, once again, New City beat another ‘Big Four/Sky Four’ side to the signature of a coveted player, in this case Gareth Barry and we find as we said last week that they really don’t like it up ’em…

‘If you move just for money, sometimes you will make mistakes. I would say Gareth Barry comes into that category. I have an idea that in the market we are in, money is not the main thing.

‘Everyone at this level in football earns a lot of money. You have to think instead about where you would enjoy playing and do your best to make the right decisions. I won’t say too much about Barry but it is clearly just for money.’

The close to hysterical Benitez then turned from accuser to pontificator attempting to portray Liverpool as some sort of respected role model despite lashing out more money on Glen Johnson than City paid for Barry.

‘We did go back again for Barry, but as I said it is all about money, money, money. It is as simple as that. It was difficult, some clubs are offering big money. But Johnson wanted to come here, that was the difference. City have signed a lot of good players, but that is no guarantee they will win anything.’

You really couldn’t make it up. Watching City rough these big clubs up on a weekly basis is becoming hilarious to watch!

As the photograph above suggests, Rafa Benitez might like to take some time out to consider the unholy mess surrounding his own club before pointing the finger elsewhere.


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