Date: 20th September 2018 at 10:21am
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As a Blue, I have to say I am sick to the back teeth of listening to my comrades booing the Champions League anthem. We’ve made our feelings known to the higher echelons for eyons but now all we are doing is embarrassing ourselves.

In the early days of feeling as though UEFA were out to hang Manchester City FC out to dry I for one was happy to go along with the booing. It was the only way we could vent our frustration of being unfairly handed out fines, player restrictions, etc. But now we should drop the booing and channel our energy in perhaps, applauding the irritating musically intro.

Applaud the UCL anthem – REALLY!!

Why not? We know the gesture would be 100% sarcastic but the shirt and tie prawn eating UEFA suited bigwigs wouldn’t have a clue – not a Scooby about our sarcastic clap.

Booing The Champions League Anthem Has Had Its Day

I am a little tired of curling my toes out of embarrassment when I hear us booing, and in my opinion, we should invent another way to invisibly splat the UEFA delegates with something a little more sinister.

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