Date: 26th April 2009 at 12:53pm
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Vital Manchester City member butty1 sent us the following article.

It’s not easy being a city fan. This is an age old line we have branded about and had said to us till it has nearly lost it’s meaning.

Yes sometimes it is hard, I’ve grown up surrounded by United fans and have had to endure a fair bit of ‘banter’ whilst their team (and it pains me to say this) have basically been brilliant throughout my life time, and we have been stuck on a roller coaster.

We used to be a lot of people’s ‘second clubs’ (before we became the richest club in the world, obviously) we were

itied by many as fans who saw our loyal support given very little, and sometimes almost no return from the players on the pitch.

But our club is changing. And in some ways we must change with it as well. We don’t always make it easy on ourselves with the way we view things. I am basically talking about how we view Manchester United.

On Saturday (25/04/09) I was astonished to find that my friends proclaimed they would rather see Liverpool win the league and City not get into Europe than United win the league and City do get into Europe. That mentality frankly is embarrassing. Now a lot of City fans will say they are not like this, but I do know that a lot of them are.

It’s quite easy to hate United, as I am writing this now referee Howard ‘the coward’ Webb has just done his bit to get a nomination for the worst refereeing decision ever by giving a penalty to United when it clearly, clearly wasn’t. Subsequently, and dare I say it inevitably United have gone on to thrash Tottenham with the penalty decision basically turning the game.

I don’t mind people disliking United for that reason, because at times they are stuffy. But a line must be drawn when some City fans would rather see United do badly then City do well. It made me almost forget about City’s fantastic result earlier. What a flop Robinho is eh? The positives are there for all to see, Elano probably in the best form of his City career, De Jong and Kompany doing all the dirty work with aplomb, Steven Ireland and Shay Given being amazing again. United may well win the league, if City get into Europe, which is still very possible, I won’t really care.

Thanks go out to butty1.

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