Date: 23rd May 2010 at 6:59pm
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Manchester City and Paraguay striker Roque Santa Cruz might not be exactly setting the world alight but his former team mate Salvador Cabanas certainly makes up for RSC’s inept season.

The following video, courtesy of Reuters reports on Paraguay star Salvador Cabanas and how he inspires his team from the sidelines as he recovers from a gunshot to the head.


Cabanas was described as a prolific and natural goalscorer and was known for his array of skills on the field such as excellent heading, accurate shooting with either foot, receptions in tight spaces, and a combination of technique, power and positional sense, however the 29-year-old was shot in the head inside the ‘Bar Bar’ night club in Mexico City early January 25, 2010.

By all accounts the striker suffers from short-term memory loss and may not recover for several years. It is unknown if he will return to play because of the bullet that is still lodged in his skull.

The following clip lasts just under two minutes.


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