Date: 23rd December 2009 at 2:26pm
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Vital Manchester City member, mcfcirish sent us the following.

It seems to me as though there are some City fans who want to ‘stop the ride and get off.’

The recent sacking of Mark Hughes made many people, myself included, a bit uneasy. However, upon taking a day or two to think things over I came to the conclusion that, while it is not pleasant to have to put up with such things, we City fans will have to get used to this decision, and perhaps even more bizarre announcements in the future. Football is a business and sadly it is a cut-throat industry. The sooner people realise that the better.

I’ve heard some supposed supporters on many of the media outlets complaining about the owners decision. One fan even emailed Sky Sports News stating they would no longer support City and that they would support Manchester United instead. On another internet site I read a comment that simply said…‘I wish we didn’t have the money anymore.’

Ok, lets think about this for a second? Shall I give that clown Macintosh a call and ask him to come back as Chairman? Will we give Leicester City a call and ask if we can re-sign Paul Dickov? Perhaps we’ll re-sign Bernado Corradi and Jihai Sun as well? Two players who wouldn’t know a football if it hit them in the face!

All I heard for years when I went to Maine Road was, ‘I wish we had a bit of cash.’ Sure, I one of the people who said something similar but I wasn’t alone was I?

Surely, people must have realised when the cash from the Middle East arrived by the bucket load it would change our club forever?

Now everyone is entitled to have a view on the club but wishing the new owners would pack up and go is madness. I’ve been a Blue for too long now to want the good times to go away just because a few tough decisions have to be made. If people want to support a club with no money might I suggest you go and support Man Utd. Oh and don’t be surprised if you find its a cold and soulless place when you eventually get there.

In the land of the majority of true City fans who have sat and watched the club play the likes of York City, Gillingham and Stoke (back when their ground was half empty – any Stoke fan want to prove me wrong on that?) in the lower leagues and after all of that, we deserve a bit of a treat don’t we?

So like I said earlier, if you don’t like where we are heading then off you go, we don’t need anyone undermining the club and where it wants to go. The true fans were here before the money and while its here we’re going to damn well enjoy it.


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