Date: 20th February 2018 at 8:50am
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Twelve hours after Wigan’s fat lady cleared her throat and sung her lungs out, my intention is not to moan over my morning bowl of cornflakes but instead, give my honest City player opinion ratings.

Player Ratings

Claudio Bravo 5.5
City’s calamity number two cannot be blamed for our FA Cup exit. Overall, he had little to do and in my opinion, had no chance of stopping Grigg’s coolly taken finish.

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Danilo 3
Dodgy first 15 minutes – never really caught the tempo of the occasion. Looked out of sorts and struggled to make any sort of impression. Dire by his standards.

John Stones 3
Nowhere to be seen, except when he was chasing Wigan’s shadows. Perhaps he’s come back from his injury far too soon.

Aymeric Laporte 5
Played slightly better than his peers, but only just. Bah, another piss poor performance.

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Fabian Delph 2.5
At first I thought referee Anthony Taylor’s red card decision was far too harsh. But and having seen the replay’s I have to say the officials hands were tied. Why put the ref in that position in the first place. Let the team down, BADLY!

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Ilkay Gundogan 6.5
Not at his best but shone, prior to KDB coming on (not exactly difficult) above his teammates. Just a pity he didn’t take the bull by the horns and show everyone what he can do.

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Fernandinho 6
Pity he couldn’t convert a clear goal scoring opportunity but hey, it was one of those nights.

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David Silva 5
Nothing magical from Merlin – failed to deliver, often disappearing from view. Was it the state of the pitch or because he, like his teammates couldn’t be arsed?

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Bernardo Silva 5.5
Showed, once or twice, a glimpse of class. But, nowhere near his best. Pity?

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Sergio Aguero 4
Temper boiled over when Delph saw red, then had a meltdown, and justifiably so when a home supporter spat at him. Had one opportunity to test the keeper but fluffed his lines. Dire by his standards.

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Leroy Sane 4.5
Never found his flow, whatsoever. Disappointing and at times frustrated the heck out of me. Another one who looked as though he didn’t want to be at the DW.

Kyle Walker (for Sane) 3.5
Played the whole second half and at the beginning I thought, wow, he’s going to raise City’s tempo. How wrong was I – at fault for allowing Wigan to steal the show?

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Kevin De Bruyne (for Silva 65) 6
Pity Pep didn’t play him from the start. Had his moments but it was too late. BAH!!

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Referee Anthony Taylor 1
What’s the point of making any comment?

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