Date: 8th November 2018 at 10:49am
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Can anyone explain to me precisely what Raheem Sterling has to do to get these ghastly written and broadcasting media half-wits off his back? At a time when the national team is in search of a new hero and insistent that the said hero is the ineffective H Kane Esq, once again they, one after another, target the talented monster of a footballer created by Pep Guardiola.

Driving home from the Etihad last night, I had to absorb the gruesome-twosome on TalkRubbish majoring on the fact that Raheem “did nothing wrong” but he should have told the referee that nobody touched him. This would apparently have gone some way to vindicating precisely what?

Referees don’t and can’t change their minds and when this particular one awarded City a penalty for Sterling stubbing his toe I the turf, clearly it was not Raheem’s fault. He looked as puzzled as anyone else on the field when the ref pointed to the spot. Accepted, it provided a great opportunity for de Jesus to get back among the goals, but to go on to say and develop the contention that Raheem would not be remembered for his better than world quality goal but for getting City a penalty that shouldn’t have been.

How narrow-minded and vindictive are these people? Raheem was probably mindful that this season a number of players have gone over with nobody around them and found themselves the bearers of a serious injury. Had he gone over on the toe stub there is a good chance that today he would have been on his way to Barcelona for an appointment in the ACL reconstruction factory.

The fact that Sterling tore the Ukrainians to shreds time and again and scored a goal of exceptional quality would naturally go amiss to these awful Stretford and Chelsea-loving creatures masquerading as broadcasters. They really are the budget-basement of radio. I much prefer fisherman’s blues. After ten minutes of their drivel, I tuned in to Smooth Radio.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the UEFA Champions League, a competition where the media and Stretford darling love to malign City and their fans for not buying into it big-style. Well, the big style arrived big-style last night as City simply swept aside a team that once upon a time might have caused issues. Teams in this competition are no mugs, except, apparently Manchester City, and you have to make sure you do your jobs right on the night. If you don’t you get a result like Lyon if you do and with the quality of footballer adorning the Sky Blue shirts of Manchester, you can demolish the opposition.

That is what Manchester City did last night with a masterclass of Association Football. To a man, the Blues delivered a comfortable and exciting performance producing six goals (again), a hat-trick for Gabriel de Jesus and sensational goals from David Silva, Riyad Mahrez and Raheem Sterling.

It is pleasing to witness the development of players like Danilo whose replacement of Walker, who for me ought to take note, was seamless. It was even more pleasing to see de Jesus getting among the goals his performances have deserved. He phoned home three times last night, two of which were from the penalty mark, and took the ball home with him.

It is even more pleasing to say that this is a team that is getting better and better. Sue said, “You were only playing a team of no marks so you should’ve won”. Susan, your beloved Liverpool were playing a team of no marks the night before…and you lost!

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