Date: 19th April 2009 at 2:51pm
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English Premier League 2 – Bolton Chairman Phil Gartside has put together a blueprint that may revolutionise English football, forever.

In essence, Gartside is proposing two leagues of 18 with promotion and relegation. In addition, and if they were lucky enough the proposed EPL2 may invite for two teams from Scotland, probably Rangers and Celtic just to add a little spice to the league.

Sunday Mirror Sport has been given a full briefing on the document, which is being backed by at least seven Premier League clubs as well as key Football League clubs who are keen to be part of the new breakaway.

A prominent Championship chairman, whose club have been in the Premier League, said…

‘Given the severe financial restraints in the Football League it would be madness not to consider the proposals?’

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Would you be in favour of having a Premier League 2? What about playing Rangers and Celtic a couple of times a year, good or bad idea?

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