Date: 4th May 2009 at 1:44pm
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This article is not aimed at any one individual but to everyone as a whole.

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1 – Excessive swearing WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This board is open to anyone with internet access. It’s one thing swearing after a match whilst having a blowout, it’s another having it in every post, regardless of the subject.

2 – If you have a problem with the site Admin, fellow users or potential moderators you will find in most cases, email addresses below their posts in profiles. You can use the personal message (PM) function. This is the correct way to address a grievance, not starting multiple threads on the various boards or by having digs within topics.

3 – This is a forum for discussion. That means most of the time you won’t agree. Most people will debate the issue in hand as benefits a discussion forum. Don’t make your threads personal. If you are unable to reply without making a personal comment about someone’s belief, then don’t reply and save us the time of having to read it.

4 – On every post you will see an alert button (top right). You can use this to report a post if necessary for the attention of Admin. Please do not abuse the function, not even if you think it’s funny!

5 – Can people remember as well as quoting the source, to copy and paste the article into the thread please.

6 – Multiple LOL’s, yeah’s etc are not a suitable answer to a persons comment. Either say something or don’t post.

7 – No porn site links or pictures please.

8 – Please don’t use cap locks in replying to threads or in a subject.

9 – At the end of the day, this is a football fans site, designed by the fans for the fans. Enjoy this site and Vitalfootball.

If you are not satisfied, then email me by clicking here.


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