Date: 5th July 2009 at 3:06pm
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The following article is not meant to be perceived as a whinge, not even a moan, but reality.

If anyone has been luckily enough to acquire a substantial amount of money, whether that is by winning the Lotto, or the Pools, perhaps you’ve inherited a few quid from a deceased, or you have built up a successful business, there will always be folk out there who look at you with envy, jealousy or even with contempt.

Prior to Manchester City’s takeover, Chelsea were the ones directly in the firing line. Why, well a certain Mr Roman Abramovich entered the ring and in doing so he brought with him his Russian billions. The club purchased world class players and in doing so, offered them astronomical wages. Needless to say the Stamford Bridge lot attracted some of the finest players in the world.

New Kid On The Block – Manchester City FC

I don’t need to remind a single reader about our new found wealth, hence the reason why I can move swiftly on.

MCFC are on the verge of something special, however that comes at a price. Rival clubs and for that matter, their respective fan base are bored with attacking Chelsea and have turned their attention to Man City. Why, well it might have something to do with what I mentioned earlier – envy, jealousy or perhaps, contempt.

Media celebrities, not necessarily linked to football, and even the national press are beginning to attack the very fabric of what we Citizens believe in. Yes, our club. The sarcastic comments, the odd dig in the ribs – I can quite easily quote headlines – comments, but do I really have to? No I thought not – we’ve all seen them.

Now What?

When under attack, one generally backs off, assesses the situation before the counter attack. In this scenario we Blues have to rely on Mark Hughes and his players to do this on our behalf. The forthcoming season is going to be critical. We don’t have to win trophies but we HAVE to finish in the top six at least. My own personal opinion is that Arsenal are there for the taking and a top four and a Champions League place is being realistic and not fanciful.

The club are doing their up most by attempting to purchase the very best on the planet – Carlos Tevez, Samuel Eto’o, John Terry and last January we even tried a cheeky £100m Kaka bid. There is more to come.

When anyone is a tight corner, unable to move left or right there are only two ways to go. Yup, you’ve guessed it, retreat or move forward.

On a personal note, I refuse to be bullied or ridiculed. I will of course accept criticism, but it has to be justified, if not I like many if us worth our salt will go and fight our corner. I urge every Blue to usher restraint but if we continue to receive unnecessary and blatant scandalously headlines, can I suggest we group as one unit and attack on all fronts.

The City of Manchester Stadium season tickets for 2009/10 has broken all previous records. We Blues think, no, believe we are going to achieve something very special this season. I truly hope and hand on heart believe we are on the verge of something truly revolutionary. We are Manchester City.

Every football fan will have their own view, however if you have something constructive to say, click here, register and lets here it.

Bring it on!


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