Date: 23rd September 2011 at 12:57pm
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I really had to chuckle at Sven this morning pontificating that Kasper is as good as Joe Hart.

Well Sven, Joe Hart plays for the team sitting second in the Premier League, plays for his country, was an FA Cup winner last season and kept a record number of clean sheets. On the other hand Kasper is getting sciatica from the number of times he is visiting the back of his net…oh and he plays in the Championship.

We all know that it was Peter who steered Kasper to City and that he only got a game at the start of that season because David James had gone and Joe Hart was injured. Yes he performed heroics in the 1-0 defeat of Stretford’s finest, thank to Geovanni’s goal but he didn’t do an awful lot after that did he ..because you then selected Hart ahead of him!

I remember when I had an office in Bramhall and I had to take Kasper and his coat-tailers to task for leaving an area outside a plaza cafe in a tip on their way home from school.

One of his heroic mates thought about taking me on until he realised he probably didn’t like hospital food!

But come on Sven, get real. In Joe Hart we have a netminder heading to be the best in the world, in Kasper you have a goalkeeper who will always be expected to be as good as his dad, who was the best in the world. They are two shadows from which Kasper, sadly for you, will not emerge.


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