Date: 27th July 2010 at 6:37pm
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It’s been coming. As another wave of squad strengthening arrives at ‘liddle ciddy,’ finally a rag has broken cover over The Blues this summer and it’s 35 year old Paul Scholes…

Last week, Taggart side-stepped the hacks press conference questions over City’s continued resurgence which shows no signs of stopping, but you can be sure he won’t be able to resist for long.

Of the ageing senior rags whose slowly sapping stamina will eventually tell in The Premier League as the debt ravaged Stretford club continue to over-rely upon them, the soon to be 36 Scholes is the first to wish City would go away.

‘Who will our biggest rivals for the title be? You have got to say Chelsea. And the rest? You just do not know. City? We will have to see what happens there. They have bought so many players. Whether they can gel together remains to be seen.’

The squad gelling theory was aired by Taggart around the time of last season’s League Cup semi-final the result of which saw a tremendous outpouring of relief at Old Trafford. Consequently, City went on to their finest ever Premier League finish.

Scholes then opts for straw clutching and a hint of desperation that he wishes City were still down among the dead man in the third tier of English football a decade ago.

‘Will their spending help to motivate us? Yes…The last thing we want is City above us. It has not happened while I have been here and hopefully it won’’s great for the city to have two top teams, but I’d rather them be down in the Second Division, like they were ten years ago.’

We know that City’s incredible phoenix from the flames has been hard for everyone associated with The Glazer Empire to stomach. The City obsession of various rag fans site confirms that.

We can surely look forward to more words of wisdom in the next fortnight from the swamp as City continue to turn up the heat on Ferguson’s previously unchallenged Manchester reign. Once again, the loveable Scot been unable to seriously strengthen his side and there’s nothing himself or the Norwich scarf massive can do about it.



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