Date: 15th January 2019 at 2:14pm
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Don’t the one-eyed, one-way-humoured Scousers just do your head in? Praying that last night Wolves would do them a favour, they have no found themselves the victims of what they consider a poor piece of refereeing when Handball Boly scythed down Bernardo Silva and found himself red-carded. They were also the victims of another whingeing Scouser, Conor Coady, who improved City’s goal tally to 99 for the season in all competitions, when he diverted De Bruyne’s shot past his own goalkeeper.

“What about Kompany’s foul on Mole Salad?” they shriek. We all know that Salad has become the latest and biggest grass-muncher in the Premier League right now.If you break wind close by, down he goes, gets a good mouthful of 4G giving a month’s succession of referees the chance to award them a dodgy penalty. Just like the Hazard and various Arsenal players of the past and present.

It’s amazing how the blinkers come on for when their superstar Van Dijk nearly snapped the leg of Dries Mertens in two in a match against Napoli.

Liverpen’s finest are bleating like a herd of sheep in just about every publication you can find.

They’re worse than when the loyal Millwall fans used to sing a song about nobody liking them. “The press hate us with a vengeance” is the constant moan. Do they not watch TV or read the newspapers? They way that broadcasters and writers drool over them is next to pitiful but certainly in line with Mr Scudamore’s edict.

Get a life, dear Scousers. You are getting a penalty a week and are getting an advantage every week. Only City have scored two against you, so you are in the clear. Some decisions go your way, some don’t. These days most of them do.

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