Date: 1st February 2018 at 12:16pm
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Football is a physical sport, we all know that. I mean, it comes with the territory doesn’t it. Having said that several WBA player challenges last night at the Etihad stepped over the line, and in my opinion some of the deliberate lunges and subsequent City player clatters came close to becoming criminal offences.

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Several WBA player tackles were full of intent to bring down their opponent. Nothing more, nothing less – it was as clear a day. But why?

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Perhaps MCFC players are just too quick?
Perhaps opposing players don`t want to be made to look like fools?

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Sporting injuries occur every day and I for one do not want to see police involvement, especially when accidental collisions occur. But when a player / employee of Manchester City FC end up requiring medical treatment and when specialist surgeons end up repairing muscle / ligament damage and the person invoking the injury (who might receive a yellow card) was seen to make the dangerous assault with malice and intent then the law of the land (common assault / Battery / ABH / GBH) should be considered

Pep Guardiola has repeatedly calls for referees to protect his players but do they? Do they hellers like?

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Thing is, last night’s Premier League encounter against relegation threatened West Brom and some of the incidents captured on video were not the first. Cardiff City last week for instance and their bruising challenges. The list just goes on and on and…

Horrendous tackles v WBA

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‘Bobby Madley, the ref who sent Kyle Walker off for being in the same postcode as Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin, brought Guardiola’s ire again.’

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‘Allan Nyom was fortunate to escape any punishment for a late tackle on Kyle Walker that saw the England full-back down for an uncomfortable few minutes.

‘James McClean’s desperate lunge to stop Kevin De Bruyne could have done more damage on another day.

‘And the worst tackle and decision was saved for the end, when Matt Phillips only saw yellow for going through Brahim Diaz.’

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The future

If the match day referee cannot cope with similar thuggery then they should be reprimanded.

Obvious tackles that cause a player to require medical treatment and the offending player is seen to show clear intent of assault should be dealt with by the full letter of the law.

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  • If the referees cannot handle the fouls then City should go to the police for protection. If not some serious injury is waiting to happen.

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