Date: 7th February 2018 at 1:11pm
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The January transfer window has closed and yet we’re still hearing about Leicester City’s prima donna and how he’s refusing to turn up for training.

The rumoured Manchester City interest failed to bring the sulking 26-year-old winger to the Etihad on transfer deadline day. Hey, so what, who cares.

Ever since Leicester told him he was going nowhere Mahrez is thought to have spat his dummy out of his precious silver-lined pram whilst rocking himself to sleep in a darkened room. Ah, diddum’s.


When a child can’t get their own way and then scream, shout and stamp their feet while seeking their guardians attention we adults call it a tantrum. When someone who should know better acts like a spoilt brat I like to call their condition, ‘socially awkward.’

This Saturday City entertain the Foxes at the Etihad, a game which can be seen live on TV within the UK.

I just wonder how many times the Sky’s pundits and match commentators mention Riyad’s link to MCFC? And, I wonder how many times I fly off the handle when I hear them? (Perhaps I will end up defining my behaviour as socially awkward come the end of the game. I know the wife will!)


Get over it Mahrez and grow a pair!

Rant over!

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