Date: 25th October 2011 at 1:27pm
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If today’s array of articles are to be believed, Europe’s elite teams have suddenly woken up to the fact that something is happening in East Manchester.

They have clearly taken note of the astonishing result that went down in Stretford over the weekend and the penny seems to have dropped.

We hear that Spain’s top two want Silva, AC Milan wants Kompany, PSG want Kolo.

It looks as though Kolo might take the bait but that is understandable because he’s not getting a game at City and his days at the Etihad look to be numbered with the emergence of consistency in the form of Lescott and Kompany and with Savic waiting in the wings.

David Silva has said that when he wanted to leave Valencia only City seriously went after him. Well unlucky Real and Barca. You spent your money elsewhere whilst City took delivery of one of the best midfield maestros in world football. You missed him. Happily esconced in his Cheshire home, his family around him and playing meteoric football, Silva has clearly bought into the ‘project’ and will be on the leaders as the City juggernaut heads to become the next English team to win the Champions League.

Vincent Kompany quietly slid into the stadium formerly known as Eastlands a virtual unknown but his majestic performances have alerted him to the world. Why would you want to go to play for AC Milan, a skint football club living on name and tradition only (isn’t there one of them just outside Manchester?). It’s the same with Juventus, big name, rubbish team.

The journalistic world will have to realise rapido that these footballers are propelling Manchester City to the very pinnacle of European football. The clubs that want them, with the exception of the Bank of Spain bankrolled ‘Blancos’ can’t afford these footballers neither in terms of transfer fees nor salaries.

Only Tevez hasn’t bought into the plan and he will be allowed to move on at a below-par valuation and earn less than half his current weekly pot to boot…oh and play for a poorer team.

The rest have at last gelled, at last started to fight for their places in the team and at last guided City not only to beat United in a semi-final and deliver a trophy to the Etihad, but also to trash their most detested opponents in front of their own fans, real and plastic.

You can’t blame the speculation, but Silva has said he’s happy here and playing the football of his life, Yaya reveals he was at loggerheads with Guardiola, Kompany is the captain. Do you think that these players would want to go to the likes of the clubs with which they have been linked?

They are probably on the verge of delivering a Premier League Championship to the Etihad, the next stage of ‘the project’. They have a realisitc chance of doing that. Are Real Madrid likely to topple Barcelona this season? No,sir. Are AC likely to win Serie A? I doubt it, so believe me. These players are staying exactly where they are until Mancini decides they have finished their contribution.

And by the time that happens there will be more silverware in the Etihad cabinet.


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