Date: 27th March 2018 at 1:24pm
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When I have a little downtime, now for example, I take a look at what a few Blues, and others are publishing via their Twitter accounts.

I have to admit, there are some who really are incredible by the way they create gifs, images, video etc. I for one haven’t a Scooby and wouldn’t know one end of a gif to another.

Many I see bring a smile to my face while on the other hand, there are some which make me cringe.

Simply Scintillating Stuff

Shall we take a look at some football related material and what I think are worthy of publication.

Easily the best reason to get an Alexa.

Not football related but worth a watch.

If Claudio Bravo was a dog!

Man Utd fan arrives home after suffering another boring ‘park the bus’ performance.

Jose Mourinho’s style of football is doing this to the Old Trafford faithful.

When Newcastle actually win a game this is what happens.

And finally, to round off this little ditty.

One of the best ways to spend 10 minutes – Guardiola’s finest Manchester City passages of play.

Up next…

Everton, away.

Come on CITY!