Date: 8th August 2009 at 1:32pm
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Vital Manchester City has teamed up with a brand new City website aptly named SKYBLUENEWS. The site features audio clips with fans discussing all things MCFC.

A little Background on the show.

The show was originally created in June 2009 when Joshii and Pollerz decided to create a Man City orientated talk show based on what would be discussed amongst mates in a pub. De Niro then joined and the show was launched, RealMancsAreBlue later replaced Joshii as he concentrated upon the website.

The show is a very light hearted and fun show with a healthy amount of banter flowing between the presenters. The show normally starts of with a general discussion about the most noteworthy news in the past week regarding our beloved club, this is normally followed up by them answering user submitted questions. The end of the show is normally media related with someone being slated.

Click on the following links, listen to the audio clips and tell us what you think.


If you are easily offended by the odd swear word please go no further.

Episode 1 – 17/06/09

Episode 2 – 24/06/09

Episode 3 – 01/07/09

Episode 4 – 12/07/09

Episode 5 – 20/07/09

Episode 6 – 30/07/09

Episode 7 – 07/08/09

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