Date: 14th July 2009 at 2:08pm
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It’s been coming and on the day that Carlos Tevez, the man he pursued by telephone this summer signs for ‘liddle ciddy’ Sir Alex Ferguson has given his latest state of the nation speech…

As has been well documented, USA chancers the Glazer family’s purchase of Manchester united has left their club more than £700 million in debt with interest rising daily despite Taggart’s well financed squad continuing to win titles with almost consumate big four ease and packing the swamp with day trippers for every home game.

More absurdly, the alledgedly gregarious Scot, after years of leading the way with record breaking transfer fees has chosen this summer, in which the rags have lost two essential strikers to declare that all of a sudden he thinks that transfer fees are too big:

‘I said a year ago, when they took over at City, that this was possible’ said the Stretford sage. ‘Some of the values across the world now are amazing. The numbers that get tossed about. The values of players have shot sky high. I don’t think any of the big transfers this summer are realistic but for some reason it has caught fire this summer. It’s an unusual summer and it’s very difficult to get value because of that.’

Probably more difficult if you haven’t got the funds to compete with anymore, Fergie.

The most stunning aspect of Ferguson’s sudden attempt at trying to claim some sort of moral football transfer ground is his statement that the rags multi million worldwide support will understand his new found belief:

‘I can only placate the fans in one way and that’s by not being stupid. We have that wonderful sum of money from Real Madrid but there’s no way we are going to throw it away by putting an extra zero on the end of transfer fees when I didn’t think it was value.’

Of course, these sentiments, even accounting for Real Madrid’s staged massive payments are stunning considering what record ‘MU’ signings have gone before, often when rival clubs could only dream of such questionable ‘value’ fees.

Lest we randomly forget…

1995 ‘Andrew’ Cole £6 million
1998 Dwight Yorke, £12.6 million
2001 Ruud Van Nistelrooy, £19 million
2001 Juan Veron, £28.1 million
2002 Rio Ferdinand, £30 million
2004 Wayne Rooney, £20 million
2007 Owen Hargreaves, £17 million
2008 Dimitar Berbatov, £ 30.7 million


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