Date: 17th October 2010 at 6:58pm
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Manchester City pushed themselves forcefully into second place with a 3-2 victory over Blackpool at Bloomfield Road. The victory wasn`t as routine as perhaps expected, but two goals from Carlos Tevez and a delightful goal from David Silva helped City to a dramatic victory.

Manchester City boss, Roberto Mancini may have been criticised for his decision to leave Adam Johnson on the bench after coming on and proving he was in such devastating form, but, as was the case with Johnson- where his winner from the bench against Newcastle drew plaudits- another sub proved critical as this time Silva, the Spanish technically gifted footballer came off the bench to make a remarkable impact, scoring what proved to be a sensational winner as well as providing the match with the sparkle it deserved.

When two teams with such contrasting lifestyles are pitted together, the most likely outcome would be a City walkover. However, with Blackpool finding life in the Premier League to their liking, they used all the tools necessary to cause an upset. It might not have been the fairytale result they encountered at Anfield, or even the result they could have left with if fortune had favoured them. Nevertheless, it was a performance full of grit and determination that would have Ian Holloway proud.

Holloway`s side have proved over the first 8 games that their Premier League material, but when a team like Manchester City, a side that boasts title ambitions visit, the end result isn`t always going to be pleasant. City haven`t hit full tilt yet and are still without key players, but we`re a side that has been based on a sturdy, resolute foundation that is rarely failing to deliver.

Roberto Mancini took this as his chance to switch the formation, the 4-3-3 line-up that has faced critics at the start of the season was abolished, with the Italian tactician reverting to 4-4-2, with both Toure brothers rested and Adam Johnson getting a start instead of David Silva.

For 65 minutes the fixture asked so much without receiving any answers. The intent was evident from both sides- only to witness all the pressure result in very little.
The Tangerines started brighter and for the majority of the match had the chances to take the lead. Dj Campbell was proving to be a strong competitor and had his chances to take the game to City.

Despite both teams trying to force the issue, it wasn`t until another super-sub from Mancini, that the game enjoyed such a creative, fruitful spell. Within minutes Silva`s quick feet were causing problems and when he slipped in Tevez, the Argentinean hit-man reacted superbly, flicking the ball in with his deft touch.

Blackpool probably could have been excused for feeling hard done by and crawling into their shell, but when Charlie Adam, the midfield sensation, clipped his acute cross into the box, Marlon Harewood levelled beating Lescott to the ball and heading home.

With the scores tied again it was up to Blackpool to do something they failed to against Blackburn, keep it that way. Ultimately, the failed. Within seconds, Wayne Bridge was bearing down on the opposition goal and despite being tackled the ball fell to Tevez, who again smashed home this time with the aid of a deflection.

The Blues continued to press and having hit the woodwork with Milner and Tevez previously, Silva then struck the post before scoring a beautiful winner. After collecting a short free kick, Silva jinked his way into the Blackpool box, skipping two lunging tackles, before perfect curling the ball into the far corner. The move was bringing back happy memories of Kinkladze and Silva deserved all the praise as he sent the City faithful into raptures.

The home side still had the chance to showcase how brilliantly they played, when Taylor Fletcher slotted home from a corner, but unfortunately for The Tangerines it was too late.

So, as was the case last time out against Newcastle, Mancini`s super sub tactics are proving inspiring, City head into their next crunch Premier League fixture against Arsenal hot on Chelsea`s tails.

Player Ratings

Could do little with either goal. Good distribution.

Still coming back to full sharpness.

Strong, resolute and anticipated everything. Was very solid at the back.

Isn’t as comfortable or confident as Kompany or his main partner Toure.

Reasonable. Bad free kick for Blackpool’s first goal but very good run for City’s second.

De Jong-7
Was solid and with the spotlight on him he performed admirably.

Cool and comfortable performance.

Shined in parts but didn’t have the same impact as he did coming off the bench.

Disciplined, energetic and whole-hearted display. Noone can fault his effort or tenacity.

Tried, but it wasn’t his day.

Another two goals from captain fantastic. A goal scorer is exactly what the top teams need and Carlos is definitely ours.

An inspiring substitute. Really changed the game for the better.

Slotted in well.
Provided City with more steel


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  • Tevez was about a 5 until we changed the system. As much as we all want to see 2 up front – it just doesnt work at this point in time. Maybe we will look a bit more fluid in a few months after players have gelled more. I thought de Jong had his worst game of the season and was anonymous for a lot of the game. The man is all about tackles, and this media witch hunt has certainly affected him. Credit where its due though, a lot of players would crack under the pressure, but he soldiered on and got through it. Cant finish this without congratulating Blackpool either – really well played and good luck 🙂

  • For three decades we’ve been on the receiveing end of top four sides grinding out results against us when playing poorly.

  • Im not trying to cause a stir and get an arugment but blackpool were robbed…They seriously dominated the game for 80mins and if it wasn’t for dogdy linesman then blackpool would have walked away with the 3 points they deserve. Im not being harsh either because half the country would say the same….your performance was nowhere near premier league champions standard BUT you got the job done which many teams wouldn’t have done so hats off.

  • Tell us sthg we dont know PAvfc, we didnt play as well as we can, they played better for most parts. Some decisions go for you, some dont, nothing new. Unfortunately for B’pool, its points that matter and we got all three today. What a classy goal by Silva by the way. If you sympathise with them so much maybe your team can hand them 6 points when you play them. Have you interviewed half the country already?

  • I said it a few weeks ago and i’ll say it again now, Emanuel Adabayor can no longer control a football, footballs have turned their backs on him and severed friendships. I don’t care if he hits a purple patch now or even a light pink patch, we need to find a club daft enough to buy him in January. Please no loans! On a brighter note it would appear that we haven’t even got out of second gear yet! Roll on the future.

  • The media seems to have effectively tamed De Jong. Hopefully this is a precautionary measure while the heat is on him and he will be his normal self soon as without his fire, he really is half the player. Our lack of strength in midfield, shakiness at the back (Kolo Toure has gone from being a liability for us to a crucial part of our team), and an abject performance by Adebayor who seems to have springs attached to his boots meant we underperformed badly. Adebayor’s days appear to be numbered as he isn’t the target man Mancini wants, he looks weak and doesn’t even jump for the ball half the time. Balotelli is a different sort of player but I believe we will see more of him than Adebayor, before Mancini makes one last chance to sign his ideal target man, Edin Dzeko, in January.

  • Great decision to rule out their first! The original target was offside and the linesman had temporarily lost the ability to see into the future to find out what ‘might happen’!!

  • We’ve got the Spurs/Fulham match to thank for Blackpool’s goal being disallowed – the Ref in that game copped so much flack for allowing Huddlestone’s goal in similar circumstances that he had no choice but to disallow Blackpool’s. And let’s face it, their player was a lot more active than Gallas was. I’m sure we’ll be on the receiving end of some decisions like this sooner or later. massive respect to Blackpool though, after Chelsea they’ve definitely been our toughest opponents this season. Genuinely think they’ll make Alan Green eat his words and stay up quite comfortably.

  • What do you guys think? Was Tevez offside for the 1st one? Did he foul the defender for the 2nd? Personally, I thought they were poor calls on behalf of the ref. I thought Tevez was clearly offside for the 1st, and he clipped the defender he took the ball from for the 2nd goal. Blackpool were robbed I’d say and all after Holloway got a ban for speaking out against officials. My two cents.

  • We are learning to win with bad displays – something we’ve not done in the past and the likes of Chelsea the Rags and Arsenal have done for a few years.

  • Well ChelseaDC, Teves was no more offside for the 1st goal than Didier Drogba was for that 2nd goal at Old Trafford last season, it was too tight to call in the moment and understandable why it was given. For the second goal i felt Bridge was fouled before the supposed Tevez foul so that evened things out. All in all you win some you lose some and i bet you weren’t too disappointed with Drogba’s goal were you? My two cents.

  • massive rant about us on Blackpool site…………by a Spurs fan. Rather hilariously and irony-free ending with the thought that Sheik Mansour should have bought Everton and not us!

  • Well Robson, the only reason I said that is because over the recent years the like of THFC, Villa & Everton have run their Clubs properly. We’ve based our nucleus around young British talent & nurtured them in our 1st Team. We haven’t broken our wage structure & we’ve all seen our hard work gradually move each Club into genuine Top 4 contenders (the natural progression of the game). Now as I clearly stated on the Blackpool site, I’ve always had a soft spot for City, MAINLY coz they ACTUALLY come from the City of MANCHESTER ! Where as Utd well… When Thaksin took over City, the Club was financially all over the place & you were staring @ relegation. Spurs didn’t want a bored show off Billionaire such as the shady character/gangster ? Abromovich, or the Sheiks getting involved as we have ACTUAL Fans running Our Club. Villa have a Conservative spending Billionaire, so no need. Then Everton the ONLY other genuine progressive Team who themselves had broken into the Top 4. Before any of you City people start on me about your “own” British contingent, on the Blackpool site I have already addressed this so please go read. As I ALSO stated unlike Leeds & Accrington Stanley I DIDN’T want City to financially meltdown & drop off the face of Planet Football, BUT as a Club recently you haven’t WORKED for the overnight rewards you’ve received. Rewards that have RUINED the Transfer Market & made players think they deserve double if not TREBLE their wages coz of the contracts you’ve CARELESSLY thrown about. Plenty of people resent Chelski but AT LEAST they were 1 of the Top Teams in the League before their Billions landed on their door step. AS OF NEXT SEASON a clause drawn up by ALL the Top Teams in Europe states, that a Football Club who’s WAGE STRUCTURE EXCEEDS THEIR INCOME, CANNOT COMPETE IN EUROPEAN COMPETITIONS ! So until You, Madrid etc sell the majority of your Squads until the wage structure falls within your means, your ALL screwed ! This was mainly aimed at RobsonGreensleeves & any other such narrow minded fan. Thankfully (with the exception of Ricky Hatton) the majority of City fans I know & meet are sensible people with level heads. 2 of my City mates both agree that not only were BOTH of Tevez’s Goals illegal, But Blackpool were robbed. THEY (my mates) didn’t even want to talk about the weekends footy coz they were embarrassed by their “Teams” inability to beat Blackpool fairly. Especially with the game being a tribute to a City Legend :=( Im not taking a swipe Im pointing out the bare facts, facts that were aired by 2 Life Long City fans.

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