Date: 12th December 2010 at 12:12pm
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Today’s written and broadcasting press are taking some delight in the stunning revelations that Carlos Tevez wants to call time on his employment at Eastlands, at least according to his agent.

City have responded toue-de-suite by saying that his transfer request is rejected.

There are many different angles to his so-called disillusionment with City and some of them must be wide of any serious mark.

If homesickness is genuine, you cannot overcome that by simply throwing more money at him, you have to accept his predicament and ultimately prepare for post-Tevez life. For their part City have allegedly said on one hand they were prepared to up the ante to £250k per week, other statements suggest they will not review his contract until the end of the season. I suspect the latter is the truer position.

We all saw Tevez show of disprespect for Mancini last week when replaced close to the end of the match. I’m not prepared to jump on the bandwagon of other reporters. Tevez never displays anything other than total commitment. He did it at West Ham, at Old Trafford and also with us at City. He is that sort of player. His non-stop, all-action work, coupled with his prolific goalscoring make up for whatever shortcomings he has as a footballer in a way that it hasn’t for the likes of Ronaldo, Rooney, Kaka, Ronaldinho and many others going back to perhaps George Best.

For every prolific talent there is a string of flaws – Best, Currie, Marsh, McKenzie, Hudson,Merson, Gascoigne, Maradona all had them and one or two still have. So why should it be any different with Tevez? Only Messi seems to be immune at present.

Contrary to what the Republic of Stretford tell us and also somewhat disgustingly sing, I don’t believe money is a motivating factor with Tevez per se. I liken him in some ways to the younger days of Anelka when he was moved on too quickly by his Managers who I understand were often his brothers, usually for more money, but usually to suit them.

Anelka never put in roots anywhere, becoming transient and nick-named ‘Le Sulk’. A lot of that sulking was probably because he didn’t want to move, why else would you end up playing in Turkey? He has remained at Chelsea for some time now and is still producing excellent football.

As Tevez handlers appear to have lost his ‘ownership’ he is no longer the cash cow that he was and maybe having seen the success of Rooney’s negotiations canalside, Tevez handlers see the transfer window on the horizon and think…it’s showtime folks.

You cannot take away the fact that Tevez has been a major player in the turnaround of fortunes at Eastlands. Some of that led by desire to cock a snook (or even a snood) at Ferguson, but more of it to show that he is a quality footballer, often unheraleded by the press who appear still to be unsure as to whether he is a mercenary or not.

One hack says that he is disgruntled at the Mancini regime that is apparently destroying the careers of Adebayor, Wright-Phillips and Bridge. Give us a break mate. The only people ruining their careers are the players themselves..oh and perhaps one of their fathers of course.

There is no doubt at all that Tevez is a marvellous player unable to give anything less than 100% even if he is injured, but now the first major test delivers itself to City and Roberto Mancini. With Adebayor, Santa Cruz, SWP and Bridge it is easy. You’re not good enough, boys, don’t show enough dedication, boys, exit door is there, boys. With Tevez it is a more awkward situation. He is the supporters Guru, the team’s leader, top goalscorer and Club talisman. And Sheikh Mansour likes him a bit too.

The Club now has to show that it cannot be held to ransom. Tevez is paid rather well to perform the job of steering us to the Champions League. He came within a whisker of doing that last season, and this season he has helped us get close to the top of the tree. There is just over half a season to go. Carlos, just do it and if you do and score twenty-plus goals I’m sure there will be a bonus in your pay packet come the end of the season.

No clubs will be wanting to take him on mid-season and only probably Real Madrid can come anywhere close to paying him what he is worth. Argentine teams can only afford what amounts to peanuts against the loot he pockets Chez Man City, so it looks as though at least he will be with in our quest to get to the Champions League.

That said if Carlos really does want to rock the boat then he must be treated just as Ferguson treats them at the other end of Mancunian Way. It grieves me to say that but I think that the Club have probably got into the mindset of life after Tevez. If Balotelli can be properly harnessed he is the way forward. It can’t have escaped everyone’s notice that since Mario came along Tevez often tries to shoot at goal from improbable positions when Balotelli is open a few yards out?

I notice that several half wits from Stretford are already at it on their blogs, revelling in the ‘We told you so’ aspects of this. Well so what? At least one thing is for certain, if Tevez was to leave, you can rest assured that if he was ever to perform against City, he would receive resounding applause and not the vile, obscene reception he gets from those digusting creatures who call themselves United fans.

My thoughts are that he will stay for the duration of the season, lead us to the Europa League and the Champions League and then bow out to a hero’s applause.


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