Date: 14th December 2010 at 12:08pm
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The last couple of days have produced another saga in life at Manchester City and have at least fed TalkSport and various publications with enough material true or contrived to keep them chugging along to the transfer window. There is no doubt that the circumstances surrounding Tevez transfer request will remain the central talking point for the rest of the year.

The fact that Blackburn have mentioned getting Maradona as manager is pretty well small fry compared to the Eastlands bombshell.

What it the truth? Do we know, will we ever find out?

Since the end of the World Cup Tevez has gone on record with his homesickness case and I have sympathised with him over that as I can relate it to times in my own life when I’ve worked away from home and at a younger age than him.

But the more I look at this, I see the cogs, not of the footballer, but of somebody else in motion. The somebody else not unconnected with the moral and immoral workings of footballer transfers and somebody who has seen an opportunity due to the manager change at Real Madrid to try to move the player on.

Madrid might have a direct flight to Buenos Aires, but it is not in Argentina. So now it is not homesickness for Argentina but simply a Spanish speaking country. If Tevez is estranged from his partner other than by geographical separation, then who’s to say she will move to Madrid?

Now apparently Chelsea want to buy him along with Spurs. How does a move like that alter Tevez domestic situation, unless London is now a Spanish-speaking enclave?

With the investment that City has made in this player, the understanding they have shown him in allowing him time off to visit his family and making him first team captain, the Football Club deserves more than they have been getting.

It is my bet that he hardly ever sees the ‘Executives’ that he considers makes his life unbearable at Eastlands. Also why would he have regular dealings with ‘Executives’ unless he is persistently on the hunt for more money – and he has said that money is not the central issue.

Couple that with the fact that he has not really taken the time to learn English, he can hardly be having any sort of first party dialogue at all with City’s hierarchy.

No, his head has been turned by somebody who has seen an opportunity to earn some more money off him, and we know who that is don’t we?

I would be sorry but not devastated to see Tevez leave City. There is no doubt that over the last eighteen months he has contributed a great deal to moving City forward, scoring goal after goal after goal as well as putting in tireless performances, effectively defending from the front in a way that nobody has done in the First Division/Premier League since Ian Rush.

I’m not sure that he is ‘doing a Rooney’. I still believe Rooney will be marching out next summer. There is no Club on this planet that can offer him what City can financially. Madrid are no more likely to win La Liga than City are to win the Premier League, both possible but not probable this season, so the key indicator would be for Tevez to shift his sights to the end of the season, deliver Champions League Football to Eastlands and then make his way home or elsewhere with grace and with the backing of City’s fans.

There is massive and overwhelming support for the Club’s position amongst the blogs, newspapers and talk shows. I’ve not heard or read that anyone has supported the player. That speaks volumes in terms of how far City has moved forward. We know that we will get somebody to replace Tevez if not in January, in the summer so the end of the world it is not. But the only other player I have seen who can do his job is Olic who almost single-handedly slaughtered United in both legs of their Champions League clash last season. He had a similar effect for Hamburg against City in the UEFA Cup the previous season. His name is not on any radar but it would be on mine. Throw in Dzeko and or Torres and we move forward again. It is not all doom and gloom.

I love the player, but I love the Club more and my feet are perfectly in line with Manchester City Football Club on this one.

That said if Tevez came back playing for another team, I’m sure our fans will remember the service and pleasure he gave us and not treat him in the vile manner that he’s been treated by Stretford’s finest.


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