Date: 19th April 2018 at 10:51am
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The year was 1875, the location was St Mark’s Church, West Gorton. Queen Victoria presided over the British Empire, but more to the point, a couple of local parishioners formed the church cricket team.

Five years later, in the winter of 1880 the cricketers, who would have probably been bored stiff during the freezing winter months decided to form St Mark’s Football Club.

In 1887 St Mark’s FC morphed into Ardwick Association Football Club and then six years before the turn of the century Ardwick changed their name to the one we’re familiar with to this day. Manchester City FC.

Final bit of important history

Walter Chew, who played in St Mark’s (West Gorton) first ever footy match went on to become the secretary of both Gorton and Ardwick. He died in September 1948.

The obituary, which was circulated around the national press described Walter as one of the founding members of Manchester City FC.

You’re back in the room

That would be an ecumenical matter

MCFC and anyone connected to the club, including City supporters find ourselves on a journey, a Pep Guardiola journey. A mind-blowing but at the same time, tranquil journey.

An ecumenical person refuses to worship false gods – having said that….let’s be clear here.

I have never found myself, throughout my 50 plus years on planet Earth ever blown smoke up someone’s rear end. However, I am beginning to consider it.

Next season and should City go one better, with Pep at the helm and win the Champions League, I for one will be the first in the queue to blow anything Pep wants close to his nether regions.

And now for the good news

As I climb down from my soapbox and onto something slightly more comfortable, I think it’s time for a chuckle.

Time for a proper party

Father Jack’s antics/mannerisms have got me thinking.

My good lady has allowed me to go out and celebrate City winning the title with some of my mates on Friday. I just hope no one videos some of what I might get up to.