Date: 17th May 2017 at 3:35pm
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When the Abu Dhabi United Group purchased 90% of Manchester City’s shareholdings in September 2008 for a princely sum of £210million it transformed the Blues overnight into the richest football club in the world. This video examines the subsequent creation on the City Football Group, and explores their plans for the future.

The makers of the above YouTube video, uMAXit Football have also followed up their story with this…

Manchester City Pursue Further Partnership Benefits

It’s been revealed that Manchester City are close to agreeing a partnership with Uruguayan second division side Atletico Torque, as part of the next stage in City Football Group’s global expansion.

Their article is thought provoking and at the same time, exciting for us Blues. Their article, in full can be found here.

I am no spokesperson for uMAXit but I have to say, some of their YT material is very good and well worth watching. For example, the following video was uploaded to their channel last month.

Come on CITY!


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