Date: 2nd September 2010 at 6:12pm
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Hapless drifter Benjani and spent force crock Martin Petrov get on the diss City bandwagon and follow unsavoury footsteps bemoaning a club their injuries were nursed at…

The lack of professionalism and spoilt brattishness across world football beggars belief these days. Millionaire superstars queue up to slate their former employees. Before we go any further, let’s make it clear that this isn’t a situation exclusive to Manchester City.

However, Stephen Ireland, Petrov and Benjani all found themselves unable to raise their form to the high standards set by Roberto Mancini, and now themselves offloaded, opt for their own bitter offloads.

We’ve even seen goalkeeping veteran Kasper Schmeichel, whom Sven-Goran Eriksson didn’t rate dishing out advice to Shay Given in recent weeks! Nedum Onuoha to a lesser extent had a pop.

Let’s listen to 31 year old Rigsby, first.

Serious injury meant that the much admired winger was losing the edge to the speed that his game was all about. He missed many months out of action and obviously fell down the pecking order. Yet, despite the superb medical assistance he received at City, he’s up for a bit of a tirade. Don’t forget, he’s got self obsessed form in this area. He’s with the Bulgarian squad getting ready to face an England squad that boasts six Blues:

‘100 per cent no, I don’t miss City. If I accepted their one-year offer now I would be on loan somewhere else. At the moment at City people are becoming more bad than good. The human relationships are lost and the trust is lost too. In this situation the players are going to play like millionaires in games and are not a team on the pitch.’

Thanks for your input, Rigsby. Across three years he managed 59 City appearances and 9 goals.

Next up, 32 year old one season Pompey wonder Benjamin Mwaruwari, who has set himself up for a frosty reception at Eastlands a week on Saturday with his latest club Blackburn Rovers:

‘It sounds great, but in football money is not everything. What is needed is people who can hang around and love you to be there. Sometimes you are loved to be there because of money, which is not good. I would prefer to be here without having all those facilities, be happy and trust everyone around you…behind the scenes, there is no trust. I would prefer to play for a club where you are being trusted and you trust everyone around you.’

Good grief. He goes on to accuse City’s players of being money motivated. You ask yourself what deal himself and agent Willie McKay held out for to get him to Manchester in 2008 in a protracted farce. Across two and a half years, where he was brought back to full fitness from a serious thigh injury, Benjani scraped a pisspoor 23 City appearances and 4 goals.

So in conclusion, we have two thirty something players nearing the end of their careers ungratefully rounding on the club that has helped prolong those careers with intensive medical treatment and rehabilitation using the top drawer facilities Benjani would rather not have.

There is a siege mentality forming at Manchester City and by many insider accounts, the players have formed a spirited close knit unit at Carrington.

Keep the team talk’s coming ex Blues. We await Robinho’s first expert analysis with headshakes at the ready.


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