Date: 22nd September 2017 at 1:23pm
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My soujourn to the sunnier climes over this last week certainly enable me to miss out on one of the deadliest performances in recent seasons by City and one of the most functional. Sadly, while I asleep on the beach I missed an assassination where Watford, hitherto unbeaten in the Premier League were simply blown away by a City team looking for a feast. And they got it.

The beauty of this is that, now, Guardiola`s vision is starting to take shape and the Premier League`s teams know that if they try to play City with any sort of attacking intentions, there is a danger that they will be beaten into submission. That is precisely what City did to Watford. Goals arrived from all angles and in all shapes and sizes as The Mighty Atom assisted himself to a free ball and de Jesus, Otamendi and Sterling got themselves on the scoresheet, Otamendi showing that City have again woken up to the fact that set pieces are rich pickings for goal opportunities.

This attack-ridden line-up looks scary, especially when you take into account who wasn`t present, which brings us to the beating of the Baggies on Wednesday. Leroy Sane is a man in a hurry in many different ways and it took him no time at all at the Hawthorns to remind Pep that he`s not just a road-runner.

Not only did he set City on the road to victory in virtually the first attack, but when City vulnerability for the same set pieces that they are finding goals from was tested and their lines broken, he was on hand to get the winner only moments later. And not only that, for the first time since the holy being knows when, City have secured a home draw against Wolves.

This season the EFL Cup team also looks dangerous and full introductions were available for Gundogan and Yaya, the former of which was lead off lame before the end. Mangala also got an outing in this one.

All this has taken place in the absence of the hitherto irreplaceable Captain Krock, Vincent Kompany, once again injured playing for Belgium. This has not endeared him to his manager and I suspect Guardiola`s longer- term plans now exclude this City legend.

With Crystal Palace next up, Pep must be looking to secure another three points and a decent score to keep up the pressure on the Stretfords who are of course already Champions. With Roy Hodgson now in charge will he try to take the Blues on or will it be another afternoon of ten-at-the-back and Benteke foraging alone up front? Also, if Hodgson fails to get the points tally rolling in his next three matches, which are against City, Stretford and Chelsea, does he get the De Boer treatment?

I think we`re at one of those places again where we can`t wait for the next match. Read all about the Palace event on Sunday in the Ped Report.

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