Date: 11th August 2010 at 7:24pm
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Vital Manchester City front page contributor, Bundo sent us the following.

We have waited long enough surely! Each day that passes and the ticker moves on, we edge closer to the start of the Barclays Premier League! We have endured the World Cup with its vuvuzelas and tedious matches…we have watched our pre-season friendlies as we’ve seen Jo come back to impress and Richards pick up form.

We have seen wonderful signings come into the club and you all know that in the back of your mind you are all thinking it. Do not feel shy to express it. In the style of an American sitcom say it with me, say it loud, and say it proud for all to here… ‘This is our year!’ No! You said it wrong! Not ‘this might be our year’‘THIS IS OUR YEAR!’ Yes! Now you are getting it!

We have the players, we have the mentality, we have the manager, we have the fans, and we have it! I don’t even know what it is but we have it, I know it!

3 o’clock kick offs are back! The travel to Eastlands is back! The crowded hustle into the stadium is back! The ‘KING OF THE KIPPAX’ is back! The half time pies are back! The fat men in replica shirts are back! Moonchester is back! The chants are back! The blues are back! City are back… Hello, Hello!

So, let’s take a look at it what we have in store!

New players

Can we all raise our hands and give a nice howdy welcoming wave to a few new men that will be in our lives for a while please. There we go, we are waving well there? Good, I shall introduce them then.

Alexander Kolavrov has joined us and looks like a real talent. Yeah, you can stop waving now – I have a lot to say.

Unheard of by many before his big money move from Lazio (where Garrido has left us in the other direction) however, he looks the bee’s knees from what I have seen. He is a very attack minded left back with a powerful, no sorry, a more than powerful… an extremely powerful…an unbelievably powerful shot on him that will knock the likes of Rob Green, Pep Reina and Edwin van Der Sar into next week!

This man I think will be a very influential signing as the left back position was the place we desperately needed help and this man will do it wonderfully for us I believe. Mark my words. Hot Hot Hot! He makes the likes of Beyoncé look freezing (I do exaggerate!)

David Silva: Well, we have moved very quickly from the signing of the relatively unheard to a man who is heard of by all around! Versatility will be key this year with the new 25-man squad…and this signing hasn’t let us down as he can play almost anywhere in the attacking quarter.

We saw glimpses of him in the friendly against Valencia and I’m sure we will see it all season as him and Carlos Tevez linked up well with a great understanding…already!

With Wright-Phillips, Johnson, Weiss, Etuhu, Bellamy, Robinho or even Zabaleta (and most probably Milner) on the books that can play in that position there will be plenty of competition for the spot, and I can’t wait for the World Cup winner to show his stuff. Hot Hot Hot!

Jerome Boateng had a wonderful World Cup and in my opinion was bought at a bargain price for what his potential may turn out to be. He is one of the hottest young prospects on the market…sorry…OFF the market.

His pace and his versatility are great as he can play anywhere across the back, and his throw-ins will come in handy! Yes, ladies and gentlemen Rory Delap is not the only man this season that will be creating mischief from the throwing position as Boateng can also whip it in with pace and d-i-s-t-a-n-c-e!

Rumours are that Stoke City are planning on moving the advertising boards forward for our game (yes, I did get that on a text and yes, so did you and most of your phonebook – I apologise). The German star is one for the present and for the future as he looks the real deal. Hot Hot Hot.

Yaya Toure is welcomed in by you all by our trademark wave this time. Yaya has not just brought great skill; passing ability, calmness, skill and a decent strike to Manchester City, he has also brought many potential back page headlines!

With his brother being at the club and a name like Yaya I can only imagine the coat hanger smiles that are on the news of the world’s editorial team`s faces right now!

Yaya has already impressed me at City as I felt incredibly comfortable when he was on the ball during pre-season. He could have that ball for 90 minutes for all I care and I would feel happy with that. He has a winning mentality after his wonderful time at Barcelona too which seems to be a big thing with the pundits at recent.

‘Vieira has brought a winning mentality’ ‘Silva has brought a winning mentality’ ‘Chris Smalling…’ Woops. Oh I’m such a stirrer. He is a leader and can get play moving. This man is a great asset and pure world class. Hot Hot Hot!


Well it’s never over until the fat lady sings is the transfer market and as she’s just warming up her vocal cords; the possibilities are endless of what could happen.

James Milner looks to be on his way to City for a fee between 20 and 30 million – The closer to either end with show who won the bidding war really.

He’s a great talent with that key of versatility and was the main man at Villa last season. With a decent World Cup (well, he played well for a bad team) under his belt too he could be wonderful here …but will have to get used to rotation…and winning trophies?

Mario Balotelli is another that could be on his way to City. At 19-years of old (20 in a number of days) he is a young prospect that could go straight into the starting line up with King Carlos.

If you look at Drogba (who’s style is alike) who is playing in his 30s for Champions Chelsea…you can see Mario being a big signing for us who can stay in and around the squad for a decade if he lives up to what he’s made out to be.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself…no definitely I’m getting ahead of myself but this boy is special.

Of course we will be linked to many others, Diego Forlan and Landon Donavon being the most recent but we shall see.

So stop! Just stop and think of the possibilities! These are some of Europe’s top talents! Young top talents too! Manchester City of Bernado Corradi, Joey Barton and Georgios Samaras…are with Europe’s top talents. And we have a manager that can lead us there too this time.

Roberto Mancini: Successful managers are always remembered. We have all heard of Clough, Ferguson (I apologise for that) and Mourinho and they will always be remembered (again – sorry)…and what’s to say Mancini won’t be too?

His time at Inter Milan is under-rated as in the year the he left he picked up the manager of the year award – speaks for itself. He is a winner and Manchester City need a winner.

He has style with words and his clothes also too keep the media sweet as I believe this man will take us forward. Some believe he is too defensive with his tactics however I am not one. He’s more defensive than Hughes was but not too defensive in my opinion. He tightened the defence and kept the goals coming last season and with this man`s knowledge of tactics…I have faith in him. Do you?


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