Date: 20th December 2009 at 11:01pm
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The harsh dismissal of Mark Hughes came as a huge shock following the seven goal thriller at home to Sunderland.

Manchester City is still in the early stages of development following the take-over and our massive summer spending spree. It will take time to get to the level we are aiming at and changing managers during this transition phase could set us back.

Roberto Mancini is not the first choice of managers for the ‘Hughes Out!’ brigade, nor is he a manager with Premier League calibre. What the man does possess however, is three Serie A titles, all be it in a time where the nearest competitors were awful.

Manicini simply has to deliver, or we are back to square one. It is top four this season, or a new manager next. The owners have shown their cards, now they must play them.

I for one am quite bewildered at the decision, especially considering the work Hughes did off the pitch in bringing the club in line with the best ones around. Can Mancini build a club, or just manage the players in it?

Either way, we will be a laughing stock if the man cannot perform on the pitch. I hope the Italian can deliver, or we may regret the day we lost one of the best up-and-coming British managers around.

Will the decision to hire Mancini backfire? Is the minimum requirement top four now? Have your say NOW!

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