Date: 14th September 2009 at 8:41pm
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Vital Manchester City regular, MCFC_Goatboy sent us the following:

I see a lot of articles and press coverage about Adebayor’s celebration and his alleged stamp on Van Persie on Saturday. It was out of order…it is his fault the fans mutated into thugs….lets lay all the blame on him and ban him.

So what exactly did he do? He sprinted the length of the pitch and slid onto his knees in front of the travelling Arsenal support. This apparently is enough to make grown men to start throwing coins, bottles, chairs (anything they could get their hands on) onto the pitch and at the ground staff (knocking one steward unconscious).

Now what about Van Persie?

He scored and ran straight to his supporters in joy? No. He went straight to the City fans and started to swear at them. More than Adebayor did. With no reaction more aggressive than a few V signs going his way. What is wrong with us! That’s not how it should be done. Just ask the section of Arsenal fans from the Adebayor goal. The police have received a complaint about Van Persie but no investigation has yet been started.

Now on to the alleged stamp. It does look bad. To me there does seem to be some change of movement there but I can’t be sure. In the end I’m sure he’s going to get a three match ban for it and if he did actually intend to do then so be it.

Van Persie, the poor victim of a brutal attack though? Take a look at the stamp video again and look at Van Persie’s challenge. I’m pretty sure that two footed lunges are red card offences. Is this going to be reviewed by the disciplinary panel too?

So Adebayor is in trouble for both his celebration and the challenge but should Van Persie be getting just as many headlines? Arsenal fans will say no obviously because they apparently did no wrong on Saturday, according to most of the articles and comments I’ve read.

I’m a Blue so I say yes? The neutral I’ve no idea. I’d hope so but everyone wants to see the ‘Arab’ club fail so I don’t know. What do you think?

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