Date: 19th June 2008 at 3:04pm
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‘Oh, the Devil will find work for idle hands to do..’ – the dalliance with Ronaldhino threatens to overshadow City’s summer…

Ronaldhino, eh? Yep, one of the greatest footballers that has graced this planet, but not the greatest, and hardly worth Manchester City’s hierarchy giving all Blues the impression that they are camped outside his house desperate for his signature like Sky Reporters staking out a traffic lights failure.

Earlier this year, France Football (‘La Bible du Foot’) revealed that Ronaldhino is currently the second best paid footballer in the world after England and America’s David Beckham. Indeed, he’s the seventh best paid sportsman in the world. Tiger Woods is number one, unsurprisingly. Is it any wonder that Barcelona are ready to get rid, especially if the allegations of his playboy lifestyle and frequent injuries that led to the Barca coach saying this week that he is no longer in his plans are correct?

There are two points all Blues should consider as Thaksin and his advisors continue the pursuit. Yes, he’s a massive name in sport. Yes, he’s got terrific talent. But. If he signs for Manchester City, it will be for money, no other motivation, otherwise he’d be here already, nevermind the why’s and wherefore’s over how his outrageous salary will be funded. City’s board would get the stadium filling showpony they crave. More importantly, does anyone honestly believe that he will be able to hack a season in the Premier League based in the North of England? I sincerely doubt it, considering his current poor fitness levels. He’ll be sat on and tackled to bits.

Today, Goofy has finally spoken after weeks of rumour and a public admission from City’s Chief Executive Garry Cook that Barcelona had given City permission to contact the player:”I only know that my contract with Barcelona runs until 2010. It’s time to be quiet. Until July 19 a lot of things can happen.” What’s he holding out for? AC Milan held their hands up!

The City leadership’s relentless courtship of super agents is also threatening to destabilise Mark Hughes pre season planning. Now we hear that the proposed £18 Million transfer of CSKA Moscow’s Brazilian hitman Jo is currently blocked by the Premier ‘make rules up as we go along’ League over alledged third party ownership of the player.

But put aside these two protracted saga’s for now. The most important task ‘Sparky’ has this summer is to offload the rank and file chancers and wasters that currently swamp our relatively small squad. We all know who they are and a release list should have been circulated weeks ago. Not one of them has been shown the door yet and the fear many of us had that a change of manager could realise a second stay of Blue execution for some of them, could be realised.

Finally, mid season saw City linked with a host of top young international stars. It was understood that many of them had come to City’s attention through Svennis’s wide range of international contacts but moves could not be made until the summer.

Many of those lads are in absolutely scintillating form on our screens right now at Euro 2008.

If the earth costing move for Ronaldhino is realised, it would be an absolute travesty for the likes of Podolski, Arshavin and Huntelaar to be overlooked.

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