Date: 28th March 2009 at 2:10pm
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Vital Manchester City would like to advertise on Radio Tameside, but we need your help.

In an effort to spread the Vital Man City gospel as far and as wide as possible, we at VMC are eager to let listeners within the Radio Tameside catchment area know we exist. However, like all things commercial advertising comes at a cost.

Radio Tameside

Tameside Radio is a local radio station which is on air 24 hours a day with a great blend of music, conversation, what’s on and general all round entertainment for everyone in Tameside and beyond!

To listen live and to visit their web page, click here.

Why advertise?

Why not? We at Vital are ready to take the next step in our evolution and in order to do so; we need to let as many people as possible know we are here.


As I mentioned earlier, advertising comes at a cost. I am of course going to dig into my own pocket and contribute towards the cost, but like all of us, my pockets only go so deep.

All I ask is that you contribute a sum, no matter how small towards our new adventure. If I can pull this off, well, who knows where it may take us.

To donate via debit or credit card, please click on the following PayPal link.

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The future is bright; the future is Vital Manchester City