Date: 9th April 2009 at 10:25am
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Regular visitors to Vital Manchester City will know that we have been busy raising funds in an attempt to advertise our site via the media.

Amount raised

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to a kitty of just over £200.00. I have already spent £100.00 on radio advertising, more on this later.

City Legends Debate Show

I have contacted Channel M and informed them that we are not in a financial position to sponsor the City Legends Debate Show. I am disappointed as I am convinced this would have taken this site to the next level, however my contact has promised to keep me updated with future deals. Should there be any developments I will course make announcements.

Radio Tameside

Listen Live

We are busy paying for Vital Man City announcements. Today, Thursday 9 April 2009 we have paid for a total of six new adverts prior to our UEFA Cup game against Hamburg SV. Hopefully our message will come across and our hit rate and membership will improve.

Our next full day of advertising will come next Thursday prior to our UEFA quarter-final home leg.

What’s next?

As everyone will appreciate, advertising via the media is very expensive; however, Doody has come up with a novel idea. What about bumper stickers?

We could have some printed off advertising Vital Man City but it would be a pointless exercise if no one were prepared to display the stickers. Comments on this and any other advertising opportunity would be greatly appreciated.

Future donations

If we are to continue our media advertising campaign then donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated.