Date: 28th August 2009 at 6:25pm
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Vital Pompey’s excellent overlord/landlord pompeyrug takes the stand for our third pre match interrogation of this increasingly exciting season…

1. City head to the South Coast nicely poised in the league after two clean sheet wins. Pompey meanwhile have ridden a continuing nosedive to the bottom of the league with three straight defeats. Putting the takeover situation aside for a moment, what’s been going off out on the pitch??

Our problem seems to be that we have a manager (who I will back until the players decide they will not any longer – and they will, they always do – and he is sacked) who is very defensively minded so he sends us out to defend, defend, defend, quite often forgetting that goals win games…

To be fair he does not really have the players to go 2 up top but even so at home you should be the side looking for a win, right?

Also, we clearly have a lack of quality, well the quality to open up defences anyway – I just pray we can bring this in during the next few days as I worry January will be too late.

2. Pompey’s new owner Sulaiman Al Fahim is more than well known to City fans. He’s the man who brokered the deal that saw the Abu Dhabi United Group buy The Blues and promptly courted every foaming hack he could find in wildly declaring immediate MCFC world domination before Sheikh Mansour had him silenced. Now Al Fahim is confirmed as your club’s new owner, what are your hopes and aspirations for this season?

Stability – this is what we need for this season and future seasons.

He has talked the talk, although not making ‘that many’ wild promises.

Personally I still feel that he is nothing more than a deal broker for us, but we will see…

Lets see him do our training ground, start redeveloping Fratton and of course working on the whole infrastructure – once you have these areas sorted you can build on them.

3. Best place for a pre match pint and balti pie at Fratton Park?

You can stick your balti pie; you want to get a Monster Mick down your gullet! The best burgers in the world… Pre match pint, not really sure for away fans to be honest – although I know Smiffy’s, which I know Rangers fans took over the other week, will welcome you. That is just as you come out of Fratton train station.

4. ‘Shot by both sides:’ The Dangermen. Who should Pompey and in turn City be paying close attention to this weekend?

Pompey: Hayden Mullins, the deadly assassin – you may laugh, but you will end up crying, actually that will be us crying! Seriously, Freddy Piquionne, or Freddy P – scored his first goal during the week, so if he gets the service he could do so again as he looks lively.

City: Take your pick, it would probably be easier to say who is not a danger man against us – even then after the money you have spent all should concern us, and concern is what I have but not fear!

5. Everyone at Manchester City from pitch to state of the art turnstile are very publicly aiming to take on and destabilise ‘The Big Four (Bore)’ – Can it be done?

What is it, £250m spent over the past couple of years, with a large portion of that in the past 12 months or so? That really should see you pushing and if you are not in the top 6 Hughes will go – I still think that the Chelski’s, Manyoo’s, bin dippers and Arsenal’s are more likely to secure the top 4 places over the course of the season due to their experience of it.

6. Are The Citizens guilty of ‘ruining football,’ one of the more hysterical charges levelled at the club throughout 2009?

Yes and no. Yes in as much as the wages you are offering are setting a new level of outrageousness but no in what you are spending as others have been doing this for years – if you have it you spend it, if you do not have it you want it.

Those that run football are the guilty ones as if they prevented clubs from doing this they could not do it – then again they would miss out on their cut so why would they do that…?

7. And so to battle. Your match prediction?

If you seriously want to challenge the top 4 then the ‘likes of Pompey,’ home and away, are sides you need to beat. Our home games are going to be vitally important for us this season but I must admit I do not really hold out much hope for this – give me a point now and I will bite your hand off, hopefully your ‘superstars’ do not travel well? If they are all like Robinho then we have a chance… a slim one, but a chance!

Very many thanks and respect going out to the Rugster and the team at Vital Pompey. Always a great read!

Deadly Sinners so far this season:

Blackburn Rovers: Mikey D
Wolverhampton Wanderers: Akela
Portsmouth: pompeyrug


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