Date: 13th August 2010 at 5:48pm
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With the new season almost upon us it was time to bring back the infamous fan Q and A. After last season’s gruelling encounter between the clubs, Manchester City and Spurs face off again on the opening day.

With many questions unanswered and the possibility of either club winning the Premier League this campaign, we gave two Spurs fans the chance to voice their opinions.

1)Welcome back Spurs. After such a phenomenal season last year where you managed to sneak into the top four ahead of ourselves confidence must be sky-high but where can you see your Spurs side finishing this season?

VS:Retaining a top four place has to be our target and for me would be a better achievement that doing so last season. I fully expect Liverpool and yourselves to put up a stronger challenge this season and with a Champions league season as well it will be doubly difficult to retain that position, saying that we have it in us to improve, but so do yourselves and Liverpool, so bring it on…
TS:Last season Spurs reached 70 points for the first time in a 38 game season in the modern era. That or something similar would be pretty good and should be well within reach. Assuming United, Chelsea and Arsenal score at their usual rate and Liverpool struggle again, its probably gonna be good enough for 4th.

2)Champions League, Premiership, F.a. Cup and League Cup, which way should Spurs prioritise?

VS:Premiership every time for me. The Champions league will be a great adventure, but I would be happy for us to be competitive in the group stages, anything else is perhaps getting ahead of ourselves, at this time. Gaining one CL qualification will effectively mean nothing if we don`t maintain that level, so gaining a top four place again has to come above everything else.
TS:To quote our greatest ever manager ‘It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.’ As a fan I`d like to think Spurs can have a go at them all and provide some entertainment for the fans along the way.

3)Michael Dawson, Luka Modric, Kranjcar and Defoe all looked to stand out last campaign and really push your club forward are you expecting more of the same from these lads or will there be a few new names to look out for?

VS:The real positive about last season was they there was a big improvement throughout the whole team. Add Gareth Bale and another obvious pick, but players such as Tom Huddlestone and Sebastien Bassong, had equally impressive seasons, but didn`t quite get the plaudits. At this stage it is a little difficult to add new names to the list, because the squad is effectively the same, but I feel that we will have gained so much confidence from last season, without being complacent.
TS:Unlike most Spurs teams in the past, the current success has been built on the team ethic where everyone chipped in. This is reflected by the most individual scorers for a team in EPL history and the previously discarded mucking in when injuries/suspension kicked in later in the season. Spurs managed to play effectively under various different line ups which is great credit to the manager, so look out for them all!

4)With City bringing in even bigger names this summer the envy between rival clubs is growing. However, given the chance, which big money transfer for City would you take to White Hart Lane?

VS: To be honest, I would be happy with Craig Bellamy and think Mancini is absolutely crazy to consider dumping him from the squad. Of the new faces at Eastlands, I would consider Jerome Boateng or David Silva as quality players to improve Spurs, but in Bellamy, he could add some fire that very few players possess.
TS:Most of your signings are ‘big money` because you have big money. Who else would have paid £28m for Yaya Toure? Having worked in the UAE, I`ve seen the waste and nonsense associated with rich men spending money on whims surrounded by yes men taking a wedge. Its worth remembering that Chelsea won the title because of Mourinho not Abramovich and you`ve got to hope what`s his name from Leicester is as good.

5)Who stand out as the greatest Spurs player ever?

VS:Sadly our greatest era, was before my time, so I will exclude the likes of Jimmy Greaves or Dave Mackay from my consideration, therefore I will look at the last 30+ years, with Glen Hoddle and Gazza as the two most eye-catching players.
TS:Glenn Hoddle, the greatest player of any team ever.

6)Contrastingly, there`s always one-in our case several- but which Spurs player do you really regret pulling on the white shirt?

VS:I don`t have a problem with too many, especially if they simply are not good enough in terms of ability, that is down to the manager who bought them. Much like City there are perhaps too many to name just one, but clearly any player who disrespects the club and fans by merely coming for the money have to be on a pretty long list.
TS:Jamie Redknapp, total ponce.

7)On to the match. The opening fixture is largely unknown but if you had a £5 bet on any scoreline, where would your money go?

VS:I will go for a 1-1 draw, which I guess would suit both teams, a loss for either, especially Spurs as the home side would be a big dent in confidence, so I have a feeling it will be a tight and cautious game, with not too many goals or chances.
TS:7 of the last 11 meetings between the two sides have ended 2-1 to Spurs and assuming City put up a bit more of a fight than last season, it seems the most likely outcome again.

8) Finally. There have been some truly remarkable fixtures between the clubs over the years, which game or memory stands out the most between the two clubs?

VS:The obvious one at the moment is last season`s 1-0 win at Eastlands, alternatively the FA Cup replay and two of the best Cup final goals from Ricky Villa and Steve MacKenzie. I will always have bad memories over the FA cup game in 2004 when we were 3-0 up at half time and lost 4-3. I was with a group of City fans as a lone Spur and I have to confess I was a little excitable at half time, only to look stupid at the final whistle.
TS:The obvious one is the Cup final and having won 22 of the 31 matches in all competitions since the start of the EPL there are plenty to chose from but to cut you lot a bit of slack, I`ll bring up the best ever City performance I`ve seen against Spurs was a 3-0 win at WHL back in 1979 when Peter Barnes was brilliant.

Thanks again to both Martin and Jim who provided entertainment as well as showing fine logic.


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