Date: 25th September 2011 at 4:26pm
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Everton clearly don’t like it up ’em despite a long established eagerness to dish it out. Post Match Reaction to City’s long overdue defeat of Moyes’ Maulers…

Roberto Mancini:

‘This time, we deserved to win. I am very happy because we kept going and didn’t give up. Everton made things very difficult so we needed to be patient and find a way through, which we eventually found.

‘Mario is a good guy and he loves Manchester City. Sometimes he isn’t happy when he scores but today he was and I am very pleased for him. He has had to wait for his chance and today he got it. He has trained hard and never complained when he has been left out, so this is a good moment for him. I am also very pleased for James Milner because he works hard and wasn’t 100% fit today…It is important that when I call these players, they are ready.’

David Moyes:

‘Overall, we found the way the officials treated us really difficult to take. We found it difficult to talk to them and found the fourth official was very much the same…What we want is a bit of consistency.

‘The boy does him. Kompany definitely sees his shin going in and stands on it. People who have been players know what I am talking about. I don’t think it is too bad. It just looks like bruising. But they are the ones where it doesn’t take much to crack your shin. The officials seemed to spot most other things. But they did not spot the big one. Referees are judged on big decisions. I thought the crowd influenced the decisions today – the referee was taken by the crowd.

‘…I think City have a really talented team. They have an excellent team and what they have got is that they can change and change the way they play. They have a really good team. They will be contenders. I have no doubt about that.’

Vincent Kompany:

‘We have never had an easy game against Everton. I thought defensively we looked good today and we’re really happy with the performance. We didn’t let ourselves get surprised. Sometimes it’s just a matter of patience and the goals will come. Today we didn’t impress maybe, but we did what we had to do.’

James Milner:

‘We know teams are going to come here, put eleven men behind the ball and make it tough for us. There are no easy games in the Premier League and when sides are well organised it’s down to us to break them down and be patient. We need to keep doing the right things, believe in the way we are playing and keep plugging away. Today we did that and kept a clean sheet.’



‘Richards was outstanding…His energy up and down the pitch is phenomenal and he makes great bursts into areas that leave defenders for dust. He’s got to be England’s first choice RB on current form, no?’


‘A massive result which will continue to build confidence throughout the team…I have just seen MOTD. They really are crap.
They showed none of the treatment given to Silva by Everton’s hatchet men – Rodwell & Neville; focused only on Moyes’ complaint about VK; referred to Balotelli’s goal as ‘lucky’ (completely ignoring the superb run by Silva which actually created the space for Balotelli to get his shot away) and the quality of Silva’s pass for Milner’s goal didn’t even get mentioned.

‘If Un***d had shown similar resilience in the face of such tactics they would have been raving about their quality, about how that’s what you need to succeed etc etc. Did that get mentioned. No. It was all about how hard Everton worked.’


‘Just like to say well done to the lads for shifting the parked bus today. I don’t begrudge Moyles for his tactics at all, all is fair in love and war and its a results business.’


‘I bet the Evertonians love Cahill. Puts it about, fights for the cause etc. All clubs could do with a little bit of never say die with a dollop of ‘they don’t like it up ’em’ thrown in for good measure!’


‘I want Moyes charged with bringing the game into disrepute for his mouthing off – he’s accused the ref of bias, accused one of our players of deliberately attempting to injure one of his and claims the goal shouldn’t have stood because it was ‘their throw!’


Brian Marwood:

‘Everybody is delighted for Owen Hargreaves because it has been well documented the injury problems he has had over recent years. He has worked hard to get back to the level of fitness at which he can compete in the Premier League. We are all hopeful he can stay healthy because he can make an enormous contribution not only to Manchester City, but potentially to the England national team.’

Jerome Boateng:

‘It always happens like that, doesn’t it? When I saw the draw I just sensed Bayern might end up against City. My main reaction was that the whole group is so tough. Any of these teams could easily finish top. It’s one each from the strongest four leagues. In many ways I was very unlucky at City. I liked the club and I liked the Premier League…but when you are playing in Germany, you are more likely to be watched by the national coach.’

all times East Manchester

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Sa 15 Oct 15:00 Aston Villa, The Etihad, PL
Tu 18 Oct 19:45 Villareal, The Etihad, CLGS3
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We 26 Oct TBC Carling League Cup 4th Round
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