Date: 8th August 2011 at 5:57am
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Manchester City and the loyal travelling faithful return to Manchester to lick their wounds and prepare for the league campaign. Post match reaction to the shield defeat…

Roberto Mancini:

‘We need to understand why we lost this game. We played well and went two-nil up, but we need to have a strong mentality. When we play a strong side like United or when we are in the Champions League, we need to continue to keep playing football. We can’t go like we did in the second half…when you’re ahead like that you need to control the game. United have a top squad and were the better team. But that does not mean we cannot win the title, we need to improve and complete our team, and find our best form.’

Sir Alex Ferguson:

‘I couldn’t believe we were 2-0 down at half-time. To me we had been controlling the match. But huge credit to the players, they kept their heads, kept playing their football and got the result they deserved.

‘The great thing about today was we never got intimidated by City’s tackling. We just kept the ball and kept playing – I thought it was fantastic. I hope it bodes well for the season.’

Vincent Kompany:

‘We didn’t really play well today and we were still in the game…If anything it’s good that we have another 90 minutes in our legs. It wasn’t our best performance today but next week on Monday is going to be the big one. It would have been nice to win it, obviously, but the fact that we didn’t win it is not going to change anything about how we work toward the Swansea game.

‘We are a strong team and we are an organised team. We might not have been today but it will be no problem for the future. We have got a lot of potential so come the league, come the Champions League, come the FA Cup we’ll be ready for it, there’s no doubt about it.’

Wayne Rooney:

‘…This was a footballing lesson. They had five minutes where they scored two goals, and that was about it. We took them apart. The score-line is deserved because of our passing, and the brilliant chances we created. We are champions and we are the team to beat – we need to go out and prove that. Full credit to the whole team, that’s our attitude. We never know when a game is finished.’

The VMCers in the VMC Forum:


‘To be honest whole midfield looked bleak with only Silva trying to do something out of nothing. Dejong, Yaya, Balotelli, Kompany and Milner all failed to impress…I hope they will come good soon to lead the revolution once again. No matter we lost today but In Mancio we trust..’


‘Faint heart never won the EPL. Let’s try and win games rather than trying not to lose them.’


‘Let the rags have their moment of glory. It will be their only success this season.’

Colin 333:

‘Let’s face it, half hearted City.
I find it hard to believe but that was about it. Mario, I don’t know if he deserves to wear the City shirt…Ya Ya is not 50%, Clichy left Vinny in the shit and their lady boy finished us off. I only hope our players standing watching them taking a ‘tinpot’ trophy will make them fight harder.’

Blue Dub:

‘Very disappointed with the lack of appetite displayed today, we’re playing U*d ffs, get **cking stuck in. The only positive I can really take is maybe this result will serve as a warning to the players and give them that good kick in the arse that they need for what’s going to be a long hard season.’


‘Mancini commented the other day about how he didn’t think the team were ready to start the season (in fitness terms). – He meant it. As I posted on the VMC Match Day Thread, they have played about 4-5 more preseason games more than we have and that clearly showed today.’


‘The ‘elephant in the room’ is how much fitter, sharper and hungrier the scum looked. In fact, speaking of elephants, we had a few out there.’

VMC citytv Video Link: Mancio Post Match Reaction

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Mo 15 Aug 20:00 Swansea, Etihad Stadium, PL
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