Date: 24th August 2012 at 2:48am
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In the first edition of VMC`s Stat Attack we`ll be taking a look at the week that just transpired in the Premier League for all teams involved. Think of it as a quick recap of each week which gives you the ability to say things like, “Did you realize QPR and Wigan both had Save Percentages under 45%, with Wigan`s being 33% and QPR`s being 44%?” or “did you know that United were outshot in their game against Everton and should have lost by a higher margin, if not for some spectacular saves?” Being the first week of the season the stats are a bit on the weak side, but the small percentage of me that`s English decided to persevere and just do it anyway. Therefore, we have:

Week 1
Most Goals For: 5 – Fulham and Swansea
Most Goals Against: 5 – QPR and Norwich
Most Shots Taken: 20 – QPR and City
Most Shots On Target: 15 – City
Fewest Shots: 3 – Sunderland
Fewest Shots on Target: 2 – Sunderland
Most Corners: 8 – United and West Brom
Fewest Corners: 0 – Sunderland
Most Saves: 11 – Chelsea
Most Yellow Cards: 5 – Stoke
Random Stat of the Week: Of all the teams to score this past week, Everton had the lowest shooting percentage at 6.25%
Most Surprising: Arsenal outshot Sunderland nearly 5 to 1, and yet both teams walked away with a single point.

Tune in next week, when the picture continues to get just a little bit clearer.


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