Date: 30th October 2018 at 7:54am
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We were promised, before last night’s Premier League fixture between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City that the Wembley Stadium turf would be have been repaired and playable ahead of the 8 pm kick-off. We were told a lie.

No one can blame the ground staff; they did what they could under the circumstances to repair the pitch from recent non-footballing events. And so who can you blame other than the Spurs chairman Daniel Levy and the other board members for failing to open their new ground in time.

Levy promised fans the earth; he promised a state of the art stadium but, in the end, Spurs, supporters were sold up the river.

Will their new home be open before Christmas? Who knows but someone needs to pull their finger out.

Circumstances Dictated The Result

Match stats and a brief report can be found here.

Manchester City players do, week in week out pass the ball with precision, accuracy, style, slickness and without breaking into a sweat. However and based on last night’s performance all we saw, for the most part, was over or under-cooked ball control, simple passes going astray and frustration a-plenty.

It was weird watching seasoned professionals (from both sides) struggling to make, what are under normal circumstances, simple decisions.  But with frequent mistakes, it was as if they didn’t want to make fools out of themselves.

Players have to adapt to the conditions, but the pitch dictated how the game eventually played out.

I expect the Premier Leagues top-brass would have been wincing watching this one. I mean, the so-called best league in the world was being beamed to millions, and yet it felt as if the product was as attractive as someone walking out of a lift having just squeezed out a smelly fart.

Oh well, the game is over and City deservedly, but only just, walked away with three points.

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