Date: 9th April 2010 at 3:33pm
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Vital Manchester City newbie, Bundo sent us the following.

Wingers. The Premier League is filled with them. From Burnley to Arsenal – they all have their wingers and that is what makes our league so wonderful.

In Brazilian leagues and other countries they don’t play with wingers as much, and play more of a diamond formation, however the Premier League has adopted this formation to have wingers and it makes it a hell of a lot more exciting. The question I have – because there are so many options for Fab Cap this summer – which wingers should he take to take to South Africa this summer – so I had my own little look at the possibilities.

James Milner

The Aston Villa youngster was very high on my list of great wingers. He may be young and not have much experience, but this ex- Leeds footballing mastermind certainly deserves to be on this list. He’s had a whirlwind season with Villa and kept them in touch with the top four race (however I do think it is now between the best team in the land and all the world vs. Tottenham for top four).

He has great pace and his crossing is just phenomenal, and of course another thing he does so well – is that he is versatile – left wing, right wing, left back, striker or centre midfield – he can do it all – and if he isn’t on that plane to South Africa this Summer, I’ll chew my left arm off (not my right arm though – I’m not that confident). ON FORM PLAYER!

Shaun Wright Phillips

Well, despite his peculiar season so far he has found himself on my list (and just as Dermot O’Leary would say – ‘of no particular order’). Of course his pace is immense and you can’t take that away from him (well not yet – give him at least another year before he loses that) – but he has had his problems recently. His crossing has never been the best – but all footballers have one bad feature (although for a winger – it would be better if it wasn’t his crossing that was dodgy occasionally) but recently he has been struggling to get round players and crashing into them instead with his pace.

However, he does wear his heart on his sleeve (isn’t bothered about getting knocked about either – which happens an awful lot) and, although its hit and miss at times, his shooting gets a goal to his name from time to time. So, maybe he’s hit a wall at late – but his ability early in the season was great, and his England form has always been great – all good footballers have their moments!

Adam Johnson

Probably the best young English prospect out there at the moment – and who is to say he couldn’t get into the England squad – nobody – that’s who! Because, quite simply, he’s on top form and plays at the moment with this great form for one of the top teams – winning them matches – surely that is the best way to get noticed. His pace, his ability, his crossing, his shooting – all top drawer! Adam to South Africa – possible, possible!

Theo Walcott

Oh Theo! He causes a slight headache. Whether it’s a headache from his amazing skill or pace, or from thinking of his injuries and bad games! Yes, Theo is hit and miss. Yes, Theo has had to try and live up to the big expectations (after being taken in 2006) but there’s no doubt that the Arsenal youngster when on form – is top class! His pace is unbeatable – his crossing isn’t too shabby either and to have him in the world cup squad would certainly be a plus – even if it someone to chuck on off the bench!

David Beckham

HA! Sorry, I know ‘National Treasure’ but I couldn’t help but think when the ex-United scum got injured: HA! and it opens the door for younger and quicker players to get into the squad!

Joe Cole

Well, I ruled him out earlier in the season to be honest. When he got that injury earlier in the campaign I thought…no you can stay at home pal, but now he is on great form and could be great at the world cup – but he’s a risk – a big one. He has pace and the ability to put a ball in the box, and a thunderbolt of a shot on him (as we can see from that immense world cup strike) so this guy is certainly one for Fab to ponder about.

Stewart Downing

Well Aston Villa has a hell of a lot of English talent on their books – especially in the winger positions. In my opinion Downing is lower in the list to Milner, however higher than Young. He hasn’t played as much football as others so that is why he is a risk and his injury worries are another problem, but when he does play – the ex Boro midfielder isn’t too bad at all!

He has it all really – the pace, the crossing, the passing, the striking is all pretty decent. Also, time is on his side – one for the future – or one for today? Defiantly a possibility!

Ashley Young

The youngster, who had a massive move from Watford a few years ago, has shown how good he is at Villa. He has played the odd game for England (7 to be specific) is an outsider really as there are others that are better. But – I wouldn’t rule him out at all.

Injuries are up and down a bit and with Downing and Milner at Villa he sometimes misses out on that place in the team – but when he does play – he plays well and uses his fantastic pace to his advantage – and of course let’s not forget his great strike he has on him! There’s always a chance for Ash (especially if players keep getting injured at the rate they are at the moment)

Aaron Lennon

Before his injury I was thinking ‘oh he looks great – stick him in the team – he’ll do well for us’ because for Spurs and for England – he was doing great – however you never know how he is going to react after this injury – or even if he will!

The race is on for him to be 100% fit for the world cup and whether Capello will take the risk – if he is – he’ll get in for me! Simples – the pace is there – stick him in!

So, for me its Milner, Lennon (if fit – otherwise take SWP), Joe Cole, and Adam Johnson.

Bundo, over and out


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