Date: 29th September 2011 at 9:12pm
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James from The Great Football Experiment…( the what? Click here and find out! ) has asked on the Vital GFE blog site (Click Here ) who’s that twerp from Argentina…?

There aren’t many people that have shown any sympathy for Carlos Tevez after Tuesday nights events and I am certainly not about to now. What I am keen to get peoples thoughts on is if you were Sheikh Mansour what would you do with him now:

1) Begin contacting all of the worlds top clubs and tell them that Tevez is available for £20m in January and get a deal confirmed as soon as possible. Yes his reputation has been damaged by what happened but its still hard to get away from the fact that on his day he is an excellent footballer and can still have a significant influence for a team. You would let him leave now and train with the club he signs for but he can’t play for them in a competitive game until January.

2) Keep him at the club but tell him he has to play in the reserves and train on his own for the remainder of his 3 year contract. You don’t need the money from a transfer and you would rather see him rot than play football again. Not sure on the legal implications of this.

3) Cancel his contract with immediate effect. Take the hit on any potential transfer fee and let him leave the club straight away. The only condition on this will be that he cannot sign for another English club.

4) Try and reconcile with him. I cant imagine that this is going to be possible and is a long shot but as I said in part 1 he is still a great player. You decide that sitting down with him and Mancini is the best to sort things out. You get him back on side, he scores 20 goals in all competitions over the course of the remainder of the seasons, restores his reputation in world football and you sell him for £35m next summer.

Personally I would go for option 1!



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