Date: 28th December 2016 at 1:37pm
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One of the things that infuriates the heck out of me is why thousands of Blues leave the Etihad Stadium well before the referee blows the final whistle.

Both sides of the argument

In bygone years (thinking of Maine Road) I have to openly admit the times I left well before the end but when I check my ageing memory banks I seem to remember the reasons why. I was young and didn’t want to get crushed by thousands. Then there were the inevitable punch-ups and public order situations.

Another reason was, (donkey years before the invention of microwaves) if I was late for dinner my mother would treat the rest of the evening as if the world was about to implode and that my life would not be worth living for a day or two post-match. There was nothing worse than a meal being kept warm in the ray-burn – the gravy would congeal and…remember? Mother was a stickler for time and I hated burnt and dried up food.

Then there are the times when, a few minutes after leaving the ground I used to hear the crowd go into a frenzy – did I miss a goal, was someone sent off? The pain of not knowing used to drive me crazy!

Some will have scheduled transport departures while others will have pre-arranged engagements, all of which are genuine reasons. However on the flipside I tend to look at this subject a little differently these days.

It costs a fortune to attend top flight Premier League matches and I appreciate the value of money much more than I used to – probably because my pockets are not at deep as they used to be.

These days, I enjoy a pint after the game and its rude to leave the stadium knowing the bar won’t open until after the final whistle – it’s the law don’t you know to do a security check before travelling home – that’s what I tell the wife!

Winning the title

I couldn’t make the QPR game a few years ago and so I watched Sky Sports coverage and Martin Tyler’s infamous commentary, but the thought of leaving when we were losing and then in the 93rd and a certain Sergio Aguero did what he did then I think I would have spent the last couple of years in a secluded padded cell.

Why don’t you stay until the end?

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