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Why Pep should freshen this one up – no offence to Arsenal

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Why Pep should look to freshen this one up!

Let`s be honest, tonight`s game is not the big one – this weekend`s visit of Chelsea is and I think Pep should perhaps plan accordingly.

Providing it goes ahead tonight at the Emirates, and I see no reason why it shouldn`t, we`ve got a pair of matches against good sides one after the other.

However, with Arsenal in the way they are and looking set for a whimper of a finish to the campaign, I reckon Pep should go with some of the kids the more I think about it.

Chelsea still have the top four to play for this year, Arsenal do not, and so the Blues are going to be up for our game at the weekend.

We need to be fresh for that one more, then, and with what is basically a walkover against Basel next week, we should gear up all our resources for Antonio Conte`s men.

By no means, do I think we should play a massively weakened side, but I would like to see rotation come into play as we enter the last two months of the year.

We`ve got two more trophies to go for, but this game won`t really impact that as long as we don`t sustain injuries to key men.

I`d like to see the likes of Foden, Zinchenko and, though he`s not really a fringe player, Gabriel Jesus all start for this one, and I`m sure a fair few of you would like to see that as well.

We`ve got the best squad in the league by far and I`d expect that, at this point in the campaign, now is the right time to utilise it.

I don`t wish to sound disrespectful to Arsenal, but they are not an important game right now, and that is why it`s time to mix things up.

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