Date: 20th September 2018 at 8:48am
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Not a single Blue in the world would have predicted what we witnessed at the Etihad on Wednesday night. I mean, how many of us would have thought we would have seen a Pep Guardiola side look sloppy and lazy while a miserable 40,111 spectators and millions across the globe looked on with open mouths as the opposition outclass and dominated.

Manchester City 1-2 Lyon match stats can be found here.

You Can’t Predict The Unpredictable

The headline sums it up!

Add your City player ratings:

Manchester City player ratings, out of 10.

Ederson – 7

By far his busiest game of the season by twice picking the ball out of the net. It could have been worse; it could have been three if it wasn’t for him nudging Depay’s shot onto the post.

Kyle Walker – 3

On numerous occasions, my toes curled out of embarrassment when watching his wayward passes. I can’t remember one pass over 10 yards being on the money.

John Stones – 5.5

Not at his best but let’s be honest, who was. Engaged with the opposition the best he could.

Aymeric Laporte – 5.5

 Similar review as his fellow defender, Stones.

Fabian Delph – 4

Looked like Bambi on ice while trying to untangle his legs to prevent Cornet from scoring. Oppps, too late, the ball is in the back of the net. At sixes and sevens for most of the game.

Fernandinho – 4

He must have had a stodgy pre-match meal as he looked as though he was ready for bed. Pity he didn’t wake up in time when he was caught in possession to give Fekir and Lyon’s second goal.

Ilkay Gundogan – 3.5

Not quite as bad as Walker’s performance, but only just. Next time I hope he remembers to put on his boots, rather than his cosy slippers.

David Silva – 6

I hardly ever dare write anything critical against Merlin and I won’t. He showed glimpses of dynamism, but with his teammates on holiday, he was left almost on his own.

Bernardo Silva – 7

Brilliant last Saturday against Fulham – very average by his standards against Lyon, even though he scored.


Gabriel Jesus – 4

Rarely did anything to make me think he would score. He did play his part by running a lot but the only way I knew he was, was when he was substituted. The camera panned in close, and he was sweating.

Raheem Sterling – 6.5

Dangerous on the attack but that was infrequent. At least he put in a shift before being subbed.


Leroy Sane – 7

Gave the game a whole new lease of life when he entered the pitch and replaced Gunda on 55 minutes. Loved his dribbles, crosses into the box, albeit many of his colleagues were manicuring their nails at the time and missed the opportunity to do something with the ball. A breath of fresh air was our Leroy.

Sergio Aguero – 5

Replaced Gabriel on or around 63 mins, I can’t be sure as I was losing the will to live by then.

Riyad Mahrez – 3

He should have stayed on the bench rather than replacing Sterling 15 minutes from the end. Did nothing of note.

Overview in three letters – PPF.

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